If We All Behave In These 10 Ways Towards Our Kids The Future Of Humanity Will Be In Safe Hands


The behaviors toward our kids are the seeds we plant for a better world.

Raising children in a modern day environment can be stressful and difficult at the best of times. There is no perfect way, but there are couple of guidelines we should know.

There is a great honor in being an influence of children. You are molding a new consciousness, a new spirit that will take part in co creating this world with all of us.

No matter if you are an uncle, parent or just a friend of the family, your own energy and how you project it onto children will have a lasting impact on them.

How we treat and care for our children will be reflected back onto us and the planet in general in the future through their choices, actions and emotional health.

There are 10 guidelines every adult should try to follow when it comes to influencing children. These 10 things will make sure your influence is for the greater good.

10 Guidelines To Behave Towards Our Kids:


1. Apologize to children when you are wrong.

2. Do not assume you’re smarter than a child simply because you’re older.

3. Say thank you to children when they do something for you or others.

4. Admit when you’ve made a mistake and admit it openly to them.

5. Listen to children, avoid to neglect them at all cost.

6. Be sure to set boundaries for acceptable behavior.

7. Lead by example.

8. Teach and practice compassion, kindness and love.

9. Explain to them that actions have consequences good or bad.

10. Let them see that you enjoy watching and nurturing them.

I hope you like the list and agree with it. If you do then please share it in the hope it acts as a reminder to others out there.

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