March 2019 Rant From The Heart: Your love is out there!


When we are young we all believe in love. In real love. Pure love. Sincere love. And movies are the closest we come to this.


They portray a fairy tale version of this childish love. They take this naive perspective and make it even more ridiculous, to a point it becomes movie love, unreal.

And as you grow up, other people can’t wait to suck you into their victimhood reality. They can’t wait to tell you how naive you are, how you need to stop dreaming.

So they portray this mechanical version of love, a version where you need to find a partner so you can reproduce and create a family. There’s no magic, it’s just a goal.

So one group of people tell you ‘don’t do anything your soulmate will come unexpectedly’ and another group says ‘just find someone to marry, have kids and grow old.’

Both these groups are imbeciles! They each lack something crucial. They each take the sincere perspective of a child and abominate it into something impure.

They are both acting out of fear.

One group doesn’t want to take action, while the other settles for the good enough. Both of them are scared to get hurt.

Real love is out there!

And when I say real love, I mean as real as you imagined to be when you were a kid. As magical and romantic as you can think of, and maybe even more.

There is a person out there that’s so perfect for you it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to you when you meet them. It’s like they were made just for you.

Believe, it’s not naive, it’s not childish, it’s the bravest thing ever!

Believing in real love is for heroes. It’s for people who are willing to keep their heart open, even if it means it’s going to be broken many times, in order to find it.

It’s for people who are willing to take action, to meet new people, to be honest about themselves, to work every single day to become the person their partner deserves.

It’s for dreamers, for people crazy enough to say SHHHHHH to rest of the afraid people who just want to make them stop dreaming and keep believing in their dreams.

To believe in real love is heroic!

And after all, it’s what really matters. Let’s say even if you are wrong, you were still willing to stand for something greater than all of us, something worth being wrong for.

It’s better to look for this person than settle for the good enough, it’s better to look for that majestic love story all your life than ask yourself ‘what if’ when you are old.

Those words, that ‘what if’ is far worse than being a fool all your life. So do not close yourself if you’ve been hurt, love one more time, and once more, and as once more as you need.

Be a hero of real love!

Because the truth is, nobody knows what’s the right way to live. People just choose the easy way out. And then they complain of what they got. And they try to suck others.

So stop listening to cowards. Stop listening to anyone, they have no idea. You know what’s best for you. You know it better than anyone.

Listen to your heart!

Choose to believe in love one more time. Aim as high as you can aim. Look for nothing less than the ideal. It’s way harder than settling for the good enough.

But at least you have a chance to make your dreams come true.

At least you chose to take a chance on real love.

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