5 Steps How To Become A Life Coach


Life coaching, in a strange way helps both, the coach and the one being coached.

Discover the inner you and understand what life is. By doing so, you’ll be able to feel your every breath and get pleasure in helping out others to deal with their situations. It’s not easy, but if you have a will it’s very rewarding.

Becoming cognizant about how to become a life coach might be just an answer to get a direction to your career, but before this, you need proper certification and knowledge to have a good start.

Here are five fundamental steps you need to take before becoming a professional life coach. These steps are necessary if you want to use your coaching will, skills and knowledge to help others in a sustainable way.

5 Steps To Become A Life Coach:


1. Know what life coaching is.

Strange, but true! Some people consider life coaching as a modern form of counseling while some define it as an expensive agony aunt. This is extremely misunderstood. The truth is quite simple.

Life coaching has grown to be a highly successful form of talking therapy, which in return has helped many people’s lives in a glorious way.

In a professional tone, life coaches help their clients in identifying the main aspects of their lives that need some development and growth. Further, they create some effective plans to help clients hit those goals.

2. Discover your niche.

It would be helpful if you decide a niche before becoming a life coach and then, build up a career and reputation from there.

There are various specializations for life coaches such as romantic relationships, spirituality, aging, business, work life balance, business, job search and career transition, and more. The choice is yours! Without any doubt, a life coach can pick multiple specializations as well.

Once you decide your specialty based on your background or what you are comfortable talking to the client about, you’ll be in a position to market yourself and manage your business accordingly.

3. Get professional training and certification.

So, do you need formal training to become a life coach? Technically, the answer is no, but a certified coach knows and values the ethical guidelines. Moreover, being certified in life coaching is quite helpful for you.

How to find a Certified Life Coaching Course? Whether you browse online or ask friends for an effective life coach certification course, make sure it meets all the industry standards for ethical coaching.

During your course, you’ll learn about learning skills, communication abilities, credibility for clients, and ethical concerns that you need to maintain throughout your journey of a life coach. Also, the professional training charges fees.

4. Set up your business.

While you step into the industry of life coaching, you are not only a professional or personal advisor but also a small business owner. In fact, there are countless ways you can start coaching you just need to want.

You need to show your presence by registering your business digitally and utilizing word of mouth process fruitfully. You can do online coaching or write for a website that is dedicated to life coaching.

Whatever you decide the form of your business to be you need to think in terms of what works best for you. See what kind of platform gives you the biggest freedom and reach to coach the people you intend to coach.

5. Understand pricing your services.

Although, there is not a compulsion that life coaches need business insurance, but getting coverage help to protect their business, and provides clients peace of mind. It’s a much safer way of doing business.

On the other hand, it’s quite daunting to charge for helping people, but when it comes to business, you need to value your time, efforts, and energy spent on others. Thus, figure out the charges accordingly.

A career as a life coach is incredibly rewarding, once you gain expertise in it. Thus, create the best of your life and other’s lives too. You will realize that coaching is not just beneficial to others, but you as a coach as well.

Happy life coaching.

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