This October Rant From The Heart: Your Past Pain Is The Only Thing Preventing You From Feeling Whole Again


Let me show you something. I’m going to ask you to imagine a reality, kind of a strange reality in a way, but reality that will give you one of the greatest answers in your life.

Imagine that everything that gave you pain, every loss in your life, every regret, every person you liked and didn’t like you back, everything was undone. Just like that.

Imagine the person you liked showing on your door saying they were wrong they want to be in a relationship with you. The people you lost just showed up and hugged you.

Everyone is ok now. People who wronged you admit they have wronged you. All the regrets about things you didn’t do suddenly turns out that you have done everything.

Everything that worried you disappeared, just like that. Everything that you can think of but what about this, poof, gone, it’s like you wanted to be.

Imagine this reality. Now imagine yourself there. Everything you considered wrong in your life was undone just like that. Imagine it. How do you feel?

There is still something missing, right? There is some kind of a irritation around the abdomen area, right? You are content but not quite, and you can’t really explain.

You feel a kind of a void within you, there is a chunk of energy stuck, isn’t it? Well, of course you feel like this.

You have everything you think you wanted, everything you considered wrong in your life is gone, and you still can’t feel like you used to feel when you were a kid, before everything.

The thing you feel around your abdomen, the irritation and the chunk of energy you feel stuck, that’s your pain.

You would rather have everyone line up, every person from your life, and you just want to scream your heart out to them.

You want to scream until there is no voice left in you to scream, you want to scream to everyone, people you love, people who hurt you, everyone!october-rant-from-the-heart

That’s your pain. That’s the only thing preventing you from feeling whole again.

Your pain stands between you and the perfect version of you, the one you were before everything happened, whatever it was.

And everything you do in your life is to compensate for this pain.

Everything that most people do in their life is to either escape, or compensate for the pain they hold deep within them.

We watch movies, drink alcohol, go on social media, overeat, work, chase goals, get into relationships just to escape or compensate for our pain that’s preventing us from being us.

And all we have to do is just acknowledge our pain.

That’s what it wants. It wants you to notice it. To look at it. To embrace it and feel it so it can move on.

That’s how you will let go of the pain, by acknowledging it, feeling it, letting it go.

And when you do this suddenly you will chase less, you will not have the need to escape anymore, that surge of anxiety within you will disappear.

When you let go of your pain you will become yourself again.

And that’s something most people seek outside of themselves. That’s something most people feel the need to validate, to prove.

But all they need to do is stop running from their pain, feel it, and let it go. That’s how they’ll realize that they didn’t lack anything, that they were always enough to be.

It was the pain of the past that prevented them from feeling whole, from feeling like they did when they were kids. Let go of the pain to be who you are.

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