These Are The 5 Types Of People You Should Not Trust


Our trust is valuable and should never be compromised. But the question is, whom should we give our trust?

While we can’t perfectly pinpoint who are the trustworthy individuals, there are types of people who simply can’t be trusted.

You should be careful in dealing with them because they’re good at hiding their real intentions.

Thankfully, there are clues you can use in figuring out if someone is worthy of your trust or not.

The 5 Types Of People You Should Not Trust:types-of-people-you-should-not-trust

1. People who are really charming but use their charm to victimize others.

Some people use their charm to victimize others. They appear sweet to you and even shower you with many gifts or sweet words.

To differentiate the real charming from the fake ones, look for these hints.

Real charming people open up to you about themselves and even their whereabouts while the fake ones show a charm that’s too good to be true without opening up a bit about themselves.

2. People who lack empathy.

People who are prone to break your trust lacks empathy.

It’s because they don’t want to see themselves in the shoes of the others.

If they do, they would know how does it feel to be betrayed. But, as much as possible, they will avoid this scenario and focus their attention on how they can victimize other people.

When you meet this kind of person, keep an eye for yourself.

You might be their next victim.

3. People who love telling you other people’s secrets.

When someone or even your friend keeps telling you the secrets of other people, it’s a clear clue that they will do the same with you.

Meaning, when you share them your secrets and some interesting things about you, the whole world will know about it.

They don’t see the importance of secrets as long as they can get something in spilling it out unto others.

4. People who show narcissistic traits.

People with narcissistic traits see themselves as the center of The Universe. They will make you believe they’re that important and cajole you to open up to them and become a part of their inner circle.

However, when things mess up, they won’t own up to their mistakes. They’ll manipulate stories that will put the blame on you and how you pushed them to act in a certain way.

They’ll even make it look like they’re the victim in the situation.

Be wary of these people because nothing is important to them than their own ego.

5. People who are either indecisive or fickle minded.

Indecisive people can’t be relied on because you don’t know whether they will truly support your idea or not.

On the other hand, fickle minded people have unstable disposal.

They’re like a pendulum that can swing back and forth.

Today, they’ll say yes to you but the next day, they’ll change their minds and say no.

You can’t expect anything from them because they may simply disappear even when they have made commitments to you.