5 Tactics To Take Control Of Your Overactive And Anxious Mind In Modern Society


There is no other time in the history of the world when outside influences created bigger impact in our lives than today.

People buy stuff or make life decisions based on what they see or hear on TV or Media. We have most of everything and live in the most secure era in history but we are most depressed and most scared than ever. Experts confirmed that depression is on the rise as a disease of modernity.

This modern life that includes social media exposure on a regular basis has the tendency to take control of the human mind.

Once our mind is controlled, we lose hold of our self including our emotions. Losing oneself is the start of impending problems including depression, panic attacks, anxiety.

Here are 5 tactics how to prevent, or at least reduce, anything that robs you from your mind’s energy and control. These tactics will help you especially if you are one of the people who are a little more anxious and have highly active mind.

5 Tactics To Take Control Of Your Overactive Mind:tactics-to-take-control-of-overactive-anxious-mind-modern-society

1. Be objective in your media exposure.

We owe the media for the knowledge we acquire and the expansion of our minds. Having ideas of people, things, places, and situations we don’t encounter physically is helpful in our learning processes.

However, there’s a big catch here be objective. Not all you see or hear is the truth.

If you’re not aware enough, you’d be buying things you don’t need or even use. Be selective, especially of what others are selling you.

On the other hand, negative news is a poison to your brain and may even drain your energy.

If media is part of your life, select the ones that lift up your spirit and give you positive vibes that could last until the end of the day.

Create really strict boundaries when it comes to media exposure. Reduce exposure, doubt double, question triple.

2. Practice healthy habits.

We are creatures of habit. While we do things randomly, the things we often do define who we are. So if you’re serious about taking control of your mind, begin with eating nutritious food.

The food you see in ads may look yummy, but before giving in to the temptation, ask yourself whether it’s healthy. Most often, their endorsers look healthy and fit, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the same physique if you keep eating those foods.

Developing a healthy mindset is also a good habit to cultivate. When you have empowering thoughts, it’s easier for you to look at other people’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas with detachment.

A detached observer is rarely controlled.

3. Do one activity a day to keep you physically active.

If one of your health goals is to establish a solid workout routine, be consistent in doing so. Stick to it until it becomes a habit.

But if this activity doesn’t appeal to you, pick one that you enjoy doing the most. Whether it be swimming, jogging, biking, walking, or dancing, as long as it keeps you moving, go after it.

You’re more likely to have control over your mind and your life when you’re physically healthy.

In addition, physical exercises pump up your adrenaline and endorphins, keeping you happy and calm. When you’re happy, you’re more in control of your life.

4. Do something creative and play at least 30 minutes per day.

If you believe you’re not the creative type, chances are you have never tried your creative hand at something. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to do a perfect art. It only means expressing yourself the best way you can.

The good news is, the more you do a thing in a consistent manner, the more your chances of getting better at it.

Try crafting, photography, writing, or whatever it is that appeals to you, take it as a challenge. You never know where your creative juices may take you.

Play is something that highly underrated. When we get into that play mindset it’s like a mini vacation for your brain because you keep it away from all the wrongs and limits. When you play there is no right and wrong, everything is pretend, and you are free to be you.

Doing things that give¬†you enjoyment connects you to your inner self. When you’re deeply connected to your inner being, outside forces have less power over you.

5. Be more spiritually connected with the higher levels of you.

All of the above tips won’t work if you’re not in tune with your spiritual self. Your spirituality gives you a sense of who you are and what you stand for, your purpose in this world.

You have many layers higher than your self that you are now aware of. There are parts of you that are always guiding you, whispering what your heart wants and how to follow your soul’s purpose, but these parts are not that loud.

When you are not really spiritually connected with the higher levels of you, it’s really hard to hear these wise guidances.

Knowing that you have a purpose to fulfill, gives your life direction and meaning. Society can’t chain you and other people’s opinion do not matter because there is something bigger you follow, bigger than all of their opinions.

The more you focus on your life goals, the lesser you will be influenced by other people’s subtle messages of making you feel not having enough or not being good enough.

It’s only when you don’t know which way you’re walking that you miss a step, and that’s what people are waiting for to trap you into their evil schemes.

Find a practice that strengthens your spirituality and heals your energies. On top of that, practice meditation because it’s the best way to strengthen your mind and be in full control of your life.