10 Signs You are a Being With Highly Evolved Consciousness


Living inside a cosmos that consists of more than trillion galaxies it is almost certain that there are highly evolved beings who have their civilization within our galaxy or beyond.

No matter the civilization, on the bigger picture we are all connected to the same field of consciousness.

This means that as one civilization evolves with its consciousness it will ascend to similar truths of The Universe it is a part of, as other civilizations before or after it.

As humanity, we are species that are on the verge of another evolutionary step. This step, first begins inside the spirit and consciousness of the individuals within humanity.

Of course, not all of us are on the same point in our spiritual journey. But there are some individuals who have already made this first step and ascended to higher levels of consciousness.

If you find yourself in any of these 10 signs than you most certainly have highly evolved consciousness and you are one of the first pillars of humanity’s ascension!

10 Signs You are a Being With Highly Evolved Consciousness:Signs Being With Highly Evolved Consciousness

1. You understand and honor the Oneness of all beings. You know, despite the role each creature plays, we all belong to one consciousness, we all come from one source of energy.

2. You know that separation is only an illusion as one action leaves an effect on everything else. However, you know that it’s a necessary illusion for this oneness to grow.

3. You know the higher value of truth and always tell it. And even if you try to lie, your vibration will expose you through the energy you emit to those around yourself, because deep inside you don’t really like to lie.

4. You act with rational decisions aside from your egoistic emotions. If there is hatred, you act with love, because you know what will solve the problem easier. You rise above your ego instead of measuring it.

5. You honor all life. You know the value of life and never approve killing another incarnate being regardless of the circumstances or species.

6. You do not harm your environment in any way. You know its importance, thus, you do everything to minimize the harm done to the environment, at least from your part.

7. You don’t follow the idea of “ownership.” You believe that everything that exists is for everyone because this planet offers everything we need for our survival unconditionally.

8. You strongly believe that we need to cooperate with one another for the common good. You believe in sharing the functions and responsibilities with everyone without competition.

9. You don’t believe in punishment but rather, in healing. You understand that healing the core of what causes harm in society will save more lives than punishing. When you see beings that act to harm others, you understand it comes from a place of deep pain or ignorance.

10. You have transcended lack because you know you are an eternal being. You know your ultimate essence is pure consciousness. You do not fear lacking anything because you know you are creator. Therefore, you experience ultimate abundance, health, happiness, and prosperity.

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