5 Super Advantages Of Doing A Walking Meditation Instead Of Sitting…


When we talk of meditation, probably what comes to your mind is sitting alone in a quiet room, with meditation music playing in the background or maybe chanting “om.”

Different variations of meditation exist, however, there is one form of meditation that engages not only your mental and emotional aspects but your physical aspect as well. This is the walking meditation.

When you practice walking meditation, you are becoming more aware of your surroundings while engaging in a physical activity.

Others choose to walk instead of a jog or a run as their physical exercise. In other cases, we all do some walking every day like walking the dog, walking from the house to the car into work or into the mall, and you could use this time to clear your mind from unwanted thoughts and gain positive clarity.

Whatever is the reason for your walking, try to see it as a form of meditation and once you do, you will reap the following benefits:

5 Super Advantages Of A Walking MeditationAdvantages Of A Walking Meditation

1. You are in connection with nature.

Walking in nature makes you mindful of the earth beneath your feet, the freshness of the air that you breathe, the air that flows in and out of your lungs, the gentle breeze that kisses your cheek, the smell of the grass, the sounds of the birds and wind blowing through the leaves, and much, much more.

Being aware of everything around you is like being connected with them. Studies even show that connecting with nature is one way of reducing stress and other harmful emotions and keeping you healthy.

2. You are in connection with your body.

Some people are not comfortable with their own bodies. They feel as if it’s a burden they must carry all throughout their lifetime. This makes it difficult to connect with one’s self.

When you do walking meditation, you are slowly establishing a relationship with your body. The process makes you aware of your body movements: your posture, gait, balance and how you can move with ease and comfort.

3. You are in connection with your mind.

Stress brought about by heavy workloads or having too much on your plate, clogs your mind. It makes your thinking foggy and even more prone to a negative train of thoughts.

But when you walk outdoors, it’s like getting out of a different world. As a physical exercise, walking helps your body release endorphins, the chemical that triggers a positive feeling in your body. Eventually, you will have a clearer mind and your thinking may shift from destructive thoughts to more positive ones.

4. You are in connection with your pace.

When you move mindfully and consciously, your pace would slow down. Walking meditation is not done in a hurried manner as in brisk walking. It is taking your time and establishing awareness with your surroundings.

It’s not how long have you covered, but how deeply you feel. Slowing your pace also clears your mind and make you focus on the things that matter.

5. You can do it wherever you are.

Walking in nature gives you ample benefits. But when circumstances wouldn’t allow you to, simply take a walk wherever you are.

Walk in a busy street with your mind focusing on your breath and rhythm of your footsteps. Walk around your neighborhood. Walk along the hallway. The key is to focus on your breath while doing it alone. Do it for yourself and the positivity it brings will not only benefit you but your loved ones as well.

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