12 Signs You Radiate A High Vibration Of Positive Energy


Our vibration is the energy we emanate through space. It’s what dictates the flow of our life.

The higher our vibration, the higher the quality of life. The lower our vibration, the lower energy we produce and the higher amount of negativity we surround ourselves with.

Whether high or low, our vibrations always help us in our journey to wholeness. Lower vibrations remind us that we’re going in the wrong direction, while high vibrations make us aware about the beauty all around us.

These are the 12 manifestations of high vibrations that you may have experienced:

12 Signs You Radiate A High VibrationSigns You Radiate High Vibration Positive Energy

1. You are excited to wake up and eager to start your day.

When your life is full of excitement, it means you’re on a high vibrational frequency. It makes you leap out of bed in the morning and start the day eagerly.

2. Your health is in good shape.

Your body is a physical manifestation of your vibration. When you feel a high quality of energy, it means your body is functioning well. This makes you less prone to injury and illnesses.

3. You feel strong.

When your energy is high, you feel you’re able to move mountains. Things that seem impossible to do before become possible to you.

4. You’re able to communicate clearly and effectively.

Since you’re powered up inside, anything you want to say flows easily and effortlessly. You’re able to communicate with others effectively making you easily understood.

5. You enjoy financial prosperity.

High vibrations make you attract abundance. During these times, you’re likely to win prizes, receive unexpected checks in the mail, or even find forgotten money in the laundry or elsewhere.

6. You have pleasant interactions with others.

High vibrations make things easier for you, even in your relationships. People will treat you with kindness and respect.

7. You go with the flow.

Your productivity is in its optimal performance when your vibrations are high. Things flow easily from one movement to the next. Your life feels in perfect balance, neither overwhelmed nor bored.

8. You feel time speeds up.

When you have high vibrations, you’ll have fun making time seem to pass by quickly. This phenomena is due to the fact that you have more energy to power your consciousness to perceive things on a much bigger scale than most people do.

9. You express kindness and love automatically.

High vibrations make you radiate love naturally and effortlessly. You share more smiles, hugs, and do acts of kindness even if they are as small as helping an elderly lady cross the street.

10. You have intuitive or “psychic” moments.

High vibration puts you in a greater state of knowing and understanding. You may start to receive information beyond your five senses and may suddenly just know the answer to a question or get a vision of what’s to come.

11. You feel happy, joyful and elated.

Being happy, joyful and elated are strong indications that you’re creating a positive future for yourself and positive environment for others. These are signs that show your high vibration.

12. You look your best.

What’s inside manifests outside. High vibrations make you feel good about yourself. When you feel your best, your skin glows a little more, your hair shines a little brighter and you’re likely to pick out a flattering outfit.

If you feel that your vibrations are high this time, keep it up.

If you feel it’s lower, keep in mind that energies do fluctuate. Lower vibrations signify negative thoughts or beliefs. It pays to give time to self-reflection, get to know yourself a little better and steer yourself to the direction you want.

You can even start acting as if you already have higher vibrations, this way you may trick yourself into performing your best at the optimal level.

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