14 Most Toxic Spiritual Habits That You Should Stop Doing Right Now!


With so much information coming in our way, every single day, it’s easy to pick a few segments out of context and implement them in your life without even understanding what you do.

If you read a lot of spiritual articles you’ll realize that most of them are even contrary to each other. This can be very confusing.

Some say think positive and avoid negativity while others warn not to resist anything because what you resist, persists.

And you are left all confused not knowing what to do. Should you avoid thinking about your problems? Should you think about them?

If you think about them you are not thinking positive thoughts and if you do not think about them, you are resisting their existence, so what the hell should you do?

Contradictions like this exist because it’s not clearly explained what it is meant by “thinking positive” and “resisting” something in the first place.

A positive thought does not mean that it is always about something happy and joyful. A positive thought is any thought that is constructive. And if you have problems and think about them, and think of solutions and strategies of how to solve them, you are thinking positive thoughts.

Clearing this out, here are the 14 most toxic “spiritual” habits that you should stop doing right now!

Toxic Spiritual Habits

1. Stop pretending your problems don’t exist. Face them. The longer you ignore them, the stronger they will get!

2. Stop pretending your mistakes never happened. We all make mistakes. Embrace them. Learn from them. Grow from them. They made you who you are.

3. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something before you’ve given it an honest effort.

4. Stop neglecting the things that are important to you just because they might be inspired by your ego. Don’t forget that a healthy ego serves your heart.

5. Stop putting the needs of other people first. It’s good to help others from time to time, but give them permission to take charge of their own life. And after all, they are not your responsibility. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Become your own best friend.

6. Stop trimming away all the people who matter to you just because they are negative. Maybe the problem is in you. Maybe you need to show them a better way. Bottom line is, if they mean something in your life you don’t just let go of them. Try to improve the resonance between them and you by finding and fixing the cause of negativity.

7. Stop rejecting your inappropriate feelings. It’s ok to envy others. Avoiding envy creates jealousy. While jealousy is destructive, envy tells you what you want for yourself. Either go out and achieve those things for yourself, or embrace the life you do have.

8. Stop believing that you need to change to become the real you. You are yourself. Just remove everything that’s not you.

9. Stop being kind all of the time. Forcing kindness is not real kindness. You are a human and sometimes you are angry, and sad, and frustrated. Just be real and do not hurt others.

10. Stop forcing happiness, you don’t have to be happy all of the time. It’s ok to be sad, it won’t harm you. Avoiding it might. And sometimes you are neither happy nor sad. You are just you. Being. Existing in your natural state. Embrace what you feel.

11. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes and imperfections. You’re just a human being. You don’t have to fix or improve everything!

12. Stop choosing the path of least resistance. If it doesn’t align perfectly with your life path, but you still want it from the bottom of your heart, find a way! If something matters to you, fight for it. It matters for a reason, a reason that touched depths of your soul not many things can come close to.

13. Stop waiting for your circumstances to change. Stop meditating for peace without taking action. Stop waiting for synchronicities to happen to know that it is time. Take charge of your life. Do what makes you happy!

14. Stop rejecting your darkness. Your inappropriate thoughts and feelings are a part of you as much as everything else. Hiding them does not make you better. Accepting your weakness gives you opportunity to improve and grow. You can’t grow without your darkness.

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