THIS Is The One Most POWERFUL Scene From Matrix That People Don’t Really Understand!


The machines, the programs, the matrix and in between all of that chaos, humans enslaved unknowingly used as batteries for the system.

It turns out that the machines created the matrix to keep humans ‘safely’ asleep, never waking up. Like this, the machines can use the energy of humans to power themselves. They created various programs to keep the matrix in check.

2 of the strongest programs are “The Architect” and “The Oracle”. They are like the mother and the father of the matrix, the logical and the creative side.

The Architect is responsible for the precise mathematics of the matrix while The Oracle perceives all the possible outcomes.

However, there is always 1 anomaly they are never able to fix, they call it the one. But the real anomaly is not the one. It’s what lies at the core of all the enslaved humans, something not even the most precise mathematical equation, nor the all seeing oracle can control. The CHOICE!

That’s why THIS is the one most POWERFUL scene from The Matrix:

Maybe there is no purpose in life, but we CHOOSE to find one! That’s why neither math nor an oracle can predict our actions.

The more awakened you are the more able you are to free yourself from ‘the matrix’ and make a choice, change the future, write your own destiny! The REAL anomaly is the possibility that at any moment, anyone can choose to awaken!

That’s why there is always an anomaly in the matrix, because it’s powered by humans and at the core of all people there is ‘the one’, the freedom of choice!