Study Finds That Children Are 800% ‘Worse’ Around Their Mothers!


Children are about 800% ‘worse’ when their mothers are around, says a study from the University of Washington Department of Psychology.

If the children are under 10, the percentage DRASTICALLY increases to shocking 1,600% researchers say.

This eye opening study followed 500 families and measured: ‘neediness, whine crying, shriek screaming, attempted slapping, forgetting how to walk/use words, and acting the fool.’ – Dr. K.P Leibowitz, Professor of Marriage and Family Psychology, reported. (source)

All of the children were disciplined, intelligent and well behaving until they saw or heard their mothers. For some reason, the moment their mothers appeared they drastically ‘dumbed down’. It was hard to recognize them.

“What we found was that children as young as eight months-old could be playing happily but upon seeing their mother enter a room were 99.9% more likely to begin crying, release their bowels, and need her immediate attention. The .1% was a vision-impaired child but once he heard his mother’s voice he began throwing things and asked for a snack despite having just eaten. Truly fascinating.” Dr. Leibowitz said.

It’s not just about seeking motherly attention. It’s more like distinguishing any need to become better once they are around their mothers. It’s like one of the fathers said, they are “literally their kryptonite and magnet at the same time.”

You got to love this study. It’s no wonder so many people, who still live with their mothers once they grow up, are so unsuccessful.

It seems that the motherly love and nurture can act as a protective bubble.

As long as we are inside this bubble we are protected from the outside world, but we remain untrained to face it.

It’s the same as we are a wild animal in a cage. We get to eat and live, we are protected, but we never learn how to hunt. And if we stay there for too long, than the world outside the ‘cage’ can be a tough terrain for our skills.

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