A MUST for Better Life – 4 YouTube Channels!


If you are spending at least 20 minutes each day watching YouTube videos you are like most people. However, if you want to escape that boring “Moderate” group, if you desire to thrive and upgrade the quality of your life, you should consider making those 20 minutes benefit you somehow.

There are all kinds of videos on YouTube and when I say “all kinds” I really mean ALL KINDS, starting from dancing kittens to explaining quantum physics. If you play them right YouTube can become seriously POWERFUL tool for self improvement.

There are various YouTube channels that are more than worthy of your time. There are certain individuals with brilliant minds who are willing to share their wisdom, teach us better ways of living and take our consciousness to a higher level.

The lessons they share and the simplicity through which they explain complex information make their teachings priceless. Because the school system is still from the old era we must find alternative ways to keep up with the great shift in consciousness The World is going through.

Subscribing to these 4 YouTube channels is a necessity if you want to have a better life.



TED-Ed is a sister channel of the famous TED but instead of long talks it focuses on creative expression of complex information. This style enables TED-Ed to teach difficult and long lessons in fun and quick way through 5-10 minute videos. It is really a heaven for creative souls who thrive to learn new things from all the aspects of life.

Spirit Science


This is maybe the NO.1 channel for rising your frequency and spiritual ascension. An awakened and high consciousness individual called Jordan is sharing POWERFUL and very complex information through a cartoon character named Patch (which you’ll fall in love with) that will reshape the geometry of your spirit and make you see The World in a light you’ve never even imagined.



Do you like science? Of course you do.. and if your answer is anything but YES you’ve probably never approached it through the prism of fun. “Minute Physics” will take your “science nerve” and give it a pleasant sensation it will get addicted to. In short 1 minute videos they’ll make you a scientist faster than brain-chip implantation.



Teal Scott (now Teal Swan) is an angel of wisdom. She is operating on a higher consciousness than most people on Earth but what she is best at is presenting that “high” knowledge in a form and tone so everybody can get use of it. If you watch her videos, no matter how shattered you are inside, she will teach you how to pick your pieces up and design the best version of yourself you can be.


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