7 Questions Revealing Your Essence


Once you start seeing through the illusion of “Reality” understanding how this grand trick is made, you’ll wander in awe realizing how different things actually are than they seemed through your former perspective.

But that’s ok. In fact, that’s AWESOME. You’ll start experiencing The World with a lot more meaning. You’ll start having incredible amounts of fun. You’ll be entertained with things you never even perceived as important. You’ll see.

However, one of the most important steps you need to make is actually your first step. This first step is getting to know someone who was always with you. Through your wildest laughs and through your loudest cries this person was there for you by your side.

Getting to know YOU is something each individual should accomplish, no exceptions, NONE.. It is the nexus of your transformational journey to fulfilling your purpose. It is the center of YOUR UNIVERSE. The anchor of your life. It is what will give meaning once you’ll start seeing through the illusion.

The 7 questions revealing your essence are more important than any question you’ve ever answered, any test you’ve ever passed, any job, project or task on your schedule.

The answers should promote understanding, perception shift, motivation, intense emotions and maybe even tears, but don’t worry, these tears are of the purest kind, of love. They come from your heart once you scratch the surface of your true power. In fact every answer should penetrate as deep.

Any answer that doesn’t make you experience at least one of the 5 things I mentioned above is not a complete answer. Believe me.

I’ll answer along with you so you’ll have an example and a companion. Here we go:


1. What YOU are?

I am consciousness created through separateness of singularity, existing as energy being manifested through matter with its own point of view from where it experiences The World maintaining awareness of itself.


2. How Do YOU SEE The World?

We are all uniquely the same, shining our own light. We choose the light we are going to shine upon The World. The World is a product of our mutual light. We all have a purpose but the reason in our meaning makes us human. The trust of consciousness has given us the freedom of choice. We must choose to go beyond fear. We must choose to be Honest, Strong, Brave, Smart and Unique promoting honesty, strength, bravery and smartness in others. There are possibly endless ways to have Fun, Discover and Create. We are the Adventurers of our own mutual Creations and Stories and only fear can limit our possibilities. Focus on Love instead of Hate but be aware of them both. Limit yourself with things that YOU like to be surrounded with.


3. What MATTERS The Most for YOU?

Love. Love matters the most even if I am not the one to experience it. I’ll always stand for love. I’ll always be Love’s Hero. I’ll always give hope for love and shine the road for those who are bind by it, who understand Love’s True Meaning.


4. What YOU FOCUS On?

I focus on spreading to The World ways to awaken, to look into its heart and understand Love’s meaning.



I choose to be the light. I choose to be the one who fights for the ones not ready yet to fight for themselves. I choose to use the power of my anger for building Love, not destroying Hate, but if anything messes with what I build the tool will be a weapon in their eyes through which their fear will be destroyed, fading away by the intensity of my light. I choose to fight for Love, Friendship, Family. I choose to fight for Humanity. I choose Humanity to be my greater good. I choose to be its Hero. I choose to be a SUPERHERO.



I choose to stand and fight for love. I choose to be Humanity’s Hero. I choose to bring Truth and Light. But don’t mistake that goodness for weakness. Ooooo No! Don’t be ignorant to think that I’ll just sing Kumbaya and think everything’s gonna be alright. There is darkness in The World. Many are controlled by it completely forgetting about their Light. Many are completely unaware, driven by fear making them believe that Light is their enemy. Many are blinded by the Light being unaware of this darkness. Many brilliant minds, one of the purest hearts are destroyed exactly by this blindness, by this war created by fear, by illusion. The Truth is we are all both. Every single one of us has a darkness and a potential to shine a Light brighter than all of The Stars. I have a darkness but I’ll never let that darkness destroy Love. That’s my true power, to control my anger and use it as a tool not as a weapon. I choose to be a Hero instead of a Monster and I choose Love instead of Hate. I choose to show The World that choosing Light instead of Fear and Hate is F**king Badass. I choose to show The World that you don’t have to be just good to fight for good. I choose to show Humanity that WE always have a choice and that choice is always up to us. I choose to show Humanity that no one is just Good or Bad, Light or Dark, if someone is just one of them THEY are what’s actually wrong with The World. We are both but we choose who we are going to be, what we are going to fight for and how. We are both but we choose what is going to be good, right for us. I choose to show The World that expressing Love is not weakness, quite the opposite, it’s F**king Badass. It’s Heroic. It’s Truth. I choose to be a Hero. I choose to be A BADASS SUPERHERO.


7. What is YOUR PURPOSE?

I am a Badass Superhero who promotes courage in Humans and shifts their values through Entertainment. This creates different Meaning on which The World will be built upon. I have a website where I publish my Products = ( Knowledge + Meaning ) x Entertainment. The products are mainly Articles and Videos but I also create Stories, Games and I give Presentations. I have 1 Website, YouTube channel and Social Communities. There are 2 main quests. One quest is for Life Coaching the other is for creating Super Humans, sharing heartwarming stories of humans from all around The World, uniting them. My Purpose is Super Hero Factory. I travel around the World and I collect information about people to create their own unique story revealing their Inner Superhero. My purpose is to create a community of SUPERHEROES.



<Discover the essence of YOU by answering What YOU are, How Do YOU SEE The World, What MATTERS The Most for YOU, What YOU FOCUS On, WHO Do YOU CHOOSE to Be, HOW Do YOU CHOOSE to Be and What is YOUR PURPOSE?>