7 Super Food Combinations to Feel Like a Superhero


Like everything In Life What Matters The Most is the interaction. When it comes to food and different varieties of chemical compounds, the interaction between them is what actually cerates the magic. There are certain proven super food combinations that will make you Feel Incredible, Like a Superhero.

“The difference between a cure and a poison is in the dosage”. Everything in moderation is good but knowing the right amount of “how much” to use something can be the key to real alchemy.

Try these 7 combinations and feel the difference. See what works for you the best, see if you can optimize the dosage and stick to the winning combo.


Broccoli + Fish = Super Bones

Fish and BroccoliVitamin D is required for the bones to absorb Calcium.

Fish has high amounts of Vitamin D and adding Broccoli to the menu will give you the Calcium your bones need.

Adding these together creates a powerful Bone-Strengthening Combo.



Yogurt + Bananas = Super Tummy

Bananas and YogurtInulin is a type of Fiber which balances the levels of “good” bacteria in your digestive system.

Inulin also benefits your bones by enhancing Calcium Absorption.

It can be found in Bananas, and by adding Yogurt to the mix you will boost the levels of Calcium in your body.



Brown Rice + Onions = Super Immune System

Brown Rice and OnionsThe Sulfur Compounds in Onions boost absorption of the Zinc found in Whole-grain Foods like Brown Rice.

Adding these 2 super foods together will create a delicious and healthy Super Meal.<!– nextpage– >


Carrots + Avocado = Super Skin

Avocado and CarrotsIt is required fat to absorb Beta-carotene which later turns into Vitamin A in your body. Avocados are one, if not the No. 1 of the best foods there are on the planet. The best foods are considered the foods that are most nutrient but also have an amazing balance between their nutrients.

The fat of avocados is one of the healthiest fats there are and adding carrots to the mix will give you the Beta-carotene your body needs.

The Vitamin A from Beta-carotene creates a healthy, glowing skin.


Spinach + Olive Oil = Super Blood

Olive Oil and SpinachAs you know there are “good” and “bad” fats. Our body needs “good” fats to absorb certain Vitamins like Vitamin K.

Vitamin K is crucial for building blood clotting and maintaining your Heart’s health.

Mixing Olive Oil with Spinach gives you a decent amount of “good” fats and Vitamin K.


Quinoa + Orange = Super Energy

Quinoa and OrangesVitamin C which can be found in Oranges boosts your body’s absorption of Iron.

Iron is crucial for your overall strength because it carries Oxygen into our muscles, brain and throughout the body.

Quinoa is a great source of Iron. Mixing Oranges with Quinoa will make a delicious snack giving you the energy boost you crave for.


Peanut Butter + Strawberries = Super Sight

Peanut Butter and StrawberriesStrawberries have Vitamin C and Peanut Butter has Vitamin E. Vitamin E prevents macular degeneration which may cause blindness and sharpens our sight.

Vitamin C makes Vitamin E function even better.

Mixing strawberries with Peanut Butter in a Delicious and Healthy Smoothie or as a sweet snack will make sure you have an “Eagle Vision” and your eyes remain healthy.


Body PointsTHE CODE

<For super bones mix broccoli and fish, for super tummy mix bananas and yogurt, for super Immune System mix brown rice and onions, for super skin mix avocados and carrots, for super blood mix spinach and olive oil, for super energy mix quinoa and oranges, for super sight mix peanut butter and strawberries>