Why Zeolite is Called “The Stone of Health” ?


Maybe you have heard of it or maybe you have no idea what Zeolite is, be that as it may this article will make you more aware of this so-called “Stone of Health”.

First let me ask you something. Are you aware that every day, no matter where we are on this planet we are all exposed to toxins harmful for our bodies?

Pesticides from food, chemicals in the air, fluoride in water, mercury in makeup products, radiation exposure from technology….. the world we have created is full of harmful substances for our bodies.

Of course, their amounts are too small to do real damage but accumulating those toxins in our bodies through time will have an enormous impact and we don’t want that do we.

So what can we do? Should we escape somewhere and isolate from the rest of the world? Should we change how the world works?

Well, we may do all of that but the pollution we have caused is far too gigantic to disappear overnight, or 10000000 nights. We may hide in any corner of the world but the toxins are already spread through water, ground and air, almost everywhere. The solution is to find a way to live healthy in the midst of the pollution.

As impossible this may sound to you, believe it or not there is a way. Nature has a solution for every problem and unlike our way of Solving Problems by Waging Wars and killing our way to solutions, Nature takes care of its children.


What is Zeolite – The Stone of Health ?

Zeolite StructureWhen molten lava comes in contact with sea water a mineral is born, Zeolite. This mineral full of Sodium, Potassium, Barium and Calcium is used in many industries.

Large amounts of Zeolite were used to build a wall around Chernobyl after the incident to prevent high amounts of radiation to be released in the world.

Because of its effective absorption of radioactive particles Zeolite is daily used to absorb radioactive waste near the Fukushima Factory.

There are many types of Zeolite but the one I want to talk about in this article is the Zeolite called Clinoptilolite which is used in the health industry.

What’s so special about this type of Zeolite is its cage like chemical structure with strong negative discharge and the ability to easily exchange ions.

Let’s stop with the nerdy talk and try to understand this as simply as we can because as Albert Einstein said, “If you cannot explain something simply you don’t understand it well enough”.

The superpower of this type of Zeolite is that it absorbs everything that is oppositely charged from it, like a magnet.

Fortunately for us, the toxins in our bodies are oppositely charged. Consuming Zeolite cleans our bodies from heavy metals, some carcinogenic toxins, toxic and other harmful chemicals.

As great as it sounds these are not the only benefits of consuming Zeolite, not even close. There are a whole lot of different benefits from this stone. <!– nextpage– >


The Amazing Benefits of Zeolite

Smiling young couple with arms crossedSomething a lot of women would find fascinating is that Zeolite removes cellulite almost 99% and makes the skin 400 times more elastic.

Something a lot of men would find awesome is that Zeolite reduces the lactic acid produced in our bodies while we workout which means the pain in the muscles disappears and we feel less tired.

Believe me when I tell you how much we all need to implement Zeolite as our daily supplement.

I am consuming Zeolite powder for more than a year now and I Feel Like a Superhero, literally.

I am going to the gym 5 times per week, I am Going to Yoga, I am working, writing, and developing this website which means I am constantly in front of my computer, I am sleeping 6 or less hours per day and I haven’t felt tired or sick or weak to complete my tasks throughout the day since I started consuming it.

If I’ve done all of this without this supplement I would have probably looked like the misery itself but if you see me you would never guess I am so occupied, sleepless and active through the day.

If you want to know more about this powder and how to find one for yourself please contact me in the comment section below or through my e-mail – [email protected] – or message me on Facebook.


The Alchemical Gift of God

Zeolite - The Stone of HealthIn Asia Zeolite has a different name. They call it “The alchemical gift of God” and they have every right to do so.

Asian people who want to start a family are given Zeolite to clean their bodies from negative toxins and increase the fertility levels as well as the quality of their sperm. Zeolite is used even in cases of HIV as a treatment.

This “alchemical gift” has countless health benefits like healing allergies, boosting immunity, prevention from many sicknesses. It is one of the most effective Natural stress reliever supplements and energy boosters.

Other health benefits of Zeolite are the reduction of hangovers, reduction of fungal infections, the ability to stop acute diarrhea from food poisoning, It Raises Antioxidant Levels in The Body, binds free radicals, stops external bleeding and helps alkalize the pH levels in our bodies.

One of the strangest but maybe one of the most important benefits of Zeolite is the ability to Balance The Energy Flow of The Body by removing the suppressors which prevent harmonious flow of energy.<!– nextpage– >


What Do People Who’ve Tried Zeolite Say ?

Zeolite CommentsThere are many professional sportsmen who consume Zeolite like Christian Mayer – Olympic champion skier; Jure Robic – Bicyclist and European champion; Herbert Hohenberger – Hockey player; Jonathan Wyatt – Marathon runner and a world champion; Bernhard Sussitz – Kick-boxer and a multiple European champion; Karoline Kafer – Austrian multiple 400 m running winner; Mag. Ingris Resch – 40 and something year old Tennis player and a world champion for tennis players over 40, women; Hubert Gantioler – world champion at 24 hour uphill running;

You have probably never heard of either of them as well as I but consuming Zeolite they have all reported increased regeneration, heightened energy levels and improved focus.

There was a man who used Zeolite daily for 30 years without skipping a day. He tested the effects of Zeolite on a long-term usage. Now he is 80 and something years old and when doctors tested his organs they were positively amazed.

The doctors reported that his organs looked like he was 50 years old despite him being over 80. This is another proof of the amazing powers of this mineral.


Zeolite in Our Everyday Life

Live HealthyI must say that you can even make homemade remedies from Zeolite powder. It was a couple of months ago, my grandma had a throat and sinus infection. Her nose was leaking.

I took an empty nose drops’ bottle and filled it with concentrated levels of Zeolite dissolved in water. I gave this “potion” to my granny and guess what, in just a week her infection was gone.

I love my granny and I would do anything for her but what I try to say here is that Zeolite can help in almost anything. I am planning on sprinkling Zeolite on my computer the next time it breaks, who knows maybe it helps even with that.

There is no way we can escape from this polluted, technologically advanced world and go to a place where we’ll live healthy. What we need to do is learn how to live healthy in the midst of the world we have created.

The next step is to try and clean the mess we’ve made but first we must “put on our safety suits”.

Just like parents when they need to put their own mask first and then help their children put theirs if a plane has big turbulence or in the worst case scenario crashes, as same we need to take care of ourselves first and then help to recreate more beautiful world.

The only way we can live around the toxic environment we have created is if we clean our bodies on a daily basis from toxic content. Zeolite is not the only way to do this but sure as hell is an effective one.

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<Consuming Zeolite on a daily basis is a smart, natural and easy way to filter your body from harmful toxins>