5 Common Mistakes – What Meditation is NOT


Meditation has been developed in the eastern cultures thousands of years ago. The English word “Meditation” is derived from the Latin word “Meditatio” which meant “to ponder; to think; to contemplate; to devise”

Through time, many techniques have been discovered, trained and improved to help practitioners achieve best results. Meditation, today, has evolved into a complete activity and it is spread almost across every culture of the world.

However, many people still have no clear idea of what meditation really is. So let’s understand once and for all what meditation is NOT.


Meditation is (NOT) Only for Hindus or Buddhist Monks

Meditation HinduismWhen we speak of meditation many of us think of religious people, sitting on the ground with crossed legs, concentrating, praying or imagining something that makes them peaceful and happy. In reality, this is not what meditation actually is.

Meditation is not only for Hindus or Buddhists. Meditation is not only for religious people, in fact, there is nothing religious in meditation. If meditation is 1 thing that is a spiritual experience which is Beyond Religion.

Meditation is for everyone, no exceptions what-so-ever. If you are a person, which means having a sense of “me”, meditation is for you. If you are a person who doesn’t have a sense of “me”, meditation is NECESSARY for you.


Meditation is (NOT) an Exercise

Meditation ExerciseThis is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to meditating. It is not an act of doing! That’s what we need to clear from our heads. Meditation does not have a step by step guide on how to do it.

People usually meditate with their eyes closed because it is easier to avoid distractions that way. If you master to become distraction-proof you can meditate even while running.

Meditation is a way of tuning yourself into the present moment. It is The Spiritual Practice of complete focus on the here and now, the state of thoughtless awareness of the present.