A Glimpse into The Future


Through a magical window, Life Coach Code saw a glimpse into the future. A glimpse into everyone’s future.

Look BackThere will be a time when we look back and remember our life. We will miss every moment that now we don’t even perceive. We will remember everything that doesn’t matter to us now.

Old people say youth is priceless. They know what we are capable of doing right at this moment, while we plan our futures. They know the importance of what we have while we waste it on bulls**t.


Life is funny my lovely readers, it makes us look like a bunch of whiny pus**es. Winter comes we want summer, summer comes we want winter.

We are kids we want to grow up, we grew up we want to be kids. We go to school we want to have a job, we have a job we want to go to school again. We are cold we want to get hot, we are hot we want the cold. Someone loves us we ignore them, someone ignores us we love them.

We want to get smart until we decide that ignorance is bliss. We want freedom but when the door is open we are scared to set ourselves free.

We need wars to teach us what peace is, we need chaos to learn order, we need night to love the day, we need darkness to see the light.

It is not what happens; it is us who are wrong. We are unsatisfied with whatever happens and we whine while we should appreciate and be free helping each other and live by each other’s happiness.

Observable The UniverseDo you know how rare love is in This Universe? Do you know how big This Universe is? Almost infinite….. as far as we know, and in all probability there are just a couple of planets with life. Even if there is life, love may not exist in all those planets because some of the species that live there are not able to produce such chemicals.

Time VariableNow, through all that space there comes Time, the other variable that shaped the moment for you to be exactly then, when you met the girl/boy you fell in love with. Do you get the slightest idea how rare that moment was, the moment where Love was created for you to feel it or for someone else that loves you?!?!?!?!!

And the greatest tragedy, not just in The Universe but in life, is when we act with less attention to this Love than if we have a loud a** screaming fart. We act as the only thing that exists is our city; we don’t even take care for our country, not to speak about The World or The Universe.

Love Issues 2We stumble upon this rare gifts of life and we sh*t over them. We go through life giving attention to things that if some other species come and see, they would probably blow their brains from boredom.

We value things that approve our ego or give us an image of superiority while we can give that to ourselves without any material thing. We value the material things instead of the things that created the material things in the first place. That’s like a marathon runner valuing his medal more than the run he got his medal for.

We get lost in the endless abyss of the “game of life” which makes us cold hearted beasts, working like slaves to buy things we don’t need just to get that “tap on the shoulder” not even giving a damn if we destroy lives in the process.

Young vs OldAnd then we suddenly grow old. And then we suddenly realize how wrong the world is, how wrong we did and how much we could have done while we were busy kissing a**.

Well done! We waste our whole lives learning that we waste our whole lives.

A Glimpse into The Future

Then we turn our attention to our kids because they are the only thing that will continue our genetic code. We tell them how to live, we do everything to make them realize that they go through the exact same steps we went and that the road leads to the same place we are now. But guess what? They are busy planning their own lives.

I am sorry for my language, all I really wanted to say is: Forget about everything It Really Doesn’t Matter. What matters is now! Live, be happy, feel, appreciate people who love you, love, dance, be free! That’s the only plan we need in life!

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<The greatest tragedy in life is the question “What if…..?”>