7 Essential Grooming Tips that Will Change Your Life


As a Life Coach, a Paradigm Shifter and a Spiritual Guru, I tell people about psychology, mindset, spirit, soul, vibrations….. by default you know that I teach things like Not to Be Limited by The Material World. Today I am going to confuse you and talk about looks, why do looks matter and I’ll share with you 7 essential grooming tips that will literally change your life.

The greatest mistake people do is once they discover that looks are not so important they totally neglect their appearance. How many times have you seen a spiritual man looking like a caveman even despite the fact he can afford to take care of his looks?

Yes, looks are not everything; in fact looks are just the tip of the iceberg, but be that as it may, they are still a part of the iceberg.

Looks are a part of your style and your style is the physical design of your Spirit. It is not crucial to look good but anyone can make sure not to gross out others by his appearance. If somebody cannot Spare 15 Minutes from his day to take care of their hygiene, that’s just laziness.

I am not talking about becoming perfectly beautiful. I am talking about becoming perfectly you; becoming healthy beautiful and satisfied with your looks.

If you are not satisfied with how you look you should do something about it. Stop lying to yourself that looks doesn’t matter because if they make you feel dissatisfied about yourself guess what buddy, they matter. Stop Being Lazy and do something about it.

Of course, if you are satisfied with how you look, if your looks represent who you truly are than bravo, you’ve managed to create the style that expresses your Spirit.

How can we take care of our looks? The largest effect on how we look, after our clothes, gives our grooming. If you want to improve your looks, the best thing by far is improving your grooming habits. These 7 grooming tips will do wonders for you.


Grooming Tip 1 – Shower Before You Shave

Shover Before ShavingBy showering before you shave you make sure all of the dirt and bacteria is removed from your face so when you shave you don’t let it enter your skin.

After showering your pores are wide open and the razor is able to cut the hairs flawlessly, it minimizes the irritation of the skin and your skin remains soft.



Grooming Tip 2 – Moisturize Your Face Daily

Moisturize Your FaceThe first thing you must do to have a healthy skin is drink a plenty of water throughout the day.

The second thing you must do to have a healthy skin is cleanse it and moisturize it.

Cleaning your skin from dirt and bacteria is a no-brainer for beautiful looking skin but doing that without moisturizing it will make your skin dry.

Dry skin is nothing better than dirty skin; you need to find the balance and the key to that balance is a quality moisturizer that will give back hydration to your skin.

Grooming Tip 3 – Wash Your Teeth After Every Meal

Wash Your TeethProblems with your teeth are never a good thing. To make sure you have healthy teeth you must wash them at least 2 times per day.

Mornings are a MUST because you clean all of the accumulated smells and substances of your body through the night.

Evenings are also a MUST because you clean all of the pieces of food stuck between your teeth waiting to be a nice dinner for the bacteria.

If you wash your teeth one more time throughout the day, let’s say after your lunch, you make sure their health is highly protected.

Grooming Tip 4 – Choose Your Hairstyle by The Shape of Your Face

Shape of The FaceYour hair (including the facial hair) plays a large role in your style. It affects the way you look by 70%.

Choosing the right hairstyle for the shape of your face can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don’t let the factor of looking beautiful choose your style but try to choose a hairstyle that is in harmony with how you want to look and the shape of your face. Make sure you find out what is the shape of your face and choose a hairstyle that fits your shape.


Grooming Tip 5 – Trim The Unwanted Hairs of Your Body

Remove Unwanted HairsMen or Women, it doesn’t matter, we all have hairs that we would rather don’t.

Yes, they are Natural; yes that’s how our bodies were made but nothing says you shouldn’t remove them if you feel better without them.

Nose hairs, ear hairs, neck hairs, back hairs, eyebrows….. choose your style and remove anything that doesn’t fit it.

Remember, the sculptor creates the statue by removing the excess material.

Make sure the way you remove your hairs is healthy.


Grooming Tip 6 – Take a Regular Care of Your Nails

Take Care of Your NailsYour nails are an important part of your looks.

However, there is another reason why you should clean and cut your nails.

One of the favorite hiding places for bacteria is under your nails.

Because we use our hands to almost everything we do, we get in contact with a lot of bacteria.

Washing your hands helps but some bacteria is left untouched under your nails because it cannot be reached. The next thing you know the bacteria is riding on the food you eat and enters your body.

All of this can be prevented by taking regular care of your nails.


Grooming Tip 7 – Less is More When It Comes to Fragrance

Smell GoodSmell is a powerful factor of our style. It can embed in the memory and be something that people remember you for.

Smelling something years after you first did can take you back in time in just a second.

Applying fragrance that fits your style is an essential thing, but over-applying can have a negative effect.

When it comes to fragrance, less is more; applying just on the right spots can create a balanced intensity of smell that will heighten the effect of the fragrance and make people enjoy your smell even more.

The best places to apply fragrance are the places your pulse can usually be felt, like your wrists and your neck. This is because with every heartbeat your skin pulsates on these places releasing a glimpse of the smell.

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<Improve your looks by improving your grooming with showering before you shave, moisturizing your skin, washing your teeth after every meal, choosing a right hairstyle, removing unwanted hairs, taking care of your nails and moderating you fragrance application>