6 Most Effective Ways to Overcome Laziness


Did it ever happen to set goals but when the time comes to take action you feel like Jabba The Hutt? You don’t want to lift a finger you just want to sit in your comfortable chair or lye in your warm bed thinking that maybe the next day, or the next week, or the next 1st of the month is a better idea to start?

Of course it happened, it happens to all of us and it’s called laziness. To know how to overcome laziness and put our lazy asses into action we first need to understand what laziness actually is.

Laziness is the “quality” of being unwilling to work or use energy. It happens when there’s a lack of motivation combined with focusing on the task instead of the goal. Laziness is nothing but the mindset of instant reward. This makes lying in bed more satisfying than working towards your goal. Here are some simple but effective ways to overcome laziness and start walking towards our goals.


Focus on Your Goal

Focus GoalsWe all have a reason For What We Wake Up in The Morning. No, it’s not your alarm clock or work, it’s why you set your alarm clock and why you got a job in the first place. It’s because you chase some dream, you have a goal a purpose in your life and that’s good. But, as time passes we slowly shift our focus from what we really want to what we do to get the thing we really want and many of us even forget what their dream was.

This is when you start feeling lazy and bored by the things you need to do because your focus is on the short-term things and not on the bigger picture. Stop what you think, remember what your dream was and shift your focus.


Butcher The Task

Butcher TaskHave you ever run a marathon? If not, I strongly recommend to experience that in your life, You Won’t Believe Its Benefits. However, what I want to say is that nobody starts running a marathon with the mindset “alright, I’ll run 26 miles”. Well nobody who finishes, of course. If you don’t set smaller checkpoints like 1, 2 5 miles….. you’ll fall down and cry after the first couple of minutes.

Life is like a marathon, if you don’t set up smaller checkpoints to your tasks you won’t finish what you need to finish to reach your dream. You’ll be lazy.