What Does It Mean To Be A Human?


A human, what is a human? We are humans, but what are we? This question can be answered from many different points of view, but simply accepting one answer to be the real answer is not possible, it is but only for dumb people who look only straight.

If you open your mind to these different points of view, only than you’ll realize that the answer is in all of the answers, the answer is not just a quote, or some picture, or a melody, for each of us the answer has different representation but the same meaning.

What matters is not to know what the answer is but to understand its meaning, even if we are not capable of explaining. This is why I decided to show you the 3 best articles on the internet about this question, answered by a different perception.

For me The Answer Is In Being SEMP, to balance your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical being. But, if I talk with biologist, he would answer me something different that is also true and if you look at the bigger picture maybe the same.

Psychologists would answer me something else, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Scientists, each of them would have different answers. Each person has a different answer, but its meaning is all the same if the answer makes you understand the truth.

The answer lies in all of the answers, so in order to get closer to the truth, open your mind to all the points of view and maybe some of the answers will make you see the bigger picture.

This first website “Life Coach View”, is created by a very wise woman who has a lot of information on Spiritual Guidance. She is doing everything she can to come closer to the truth and understanding and she is doing a pretty good job. In her article about Mind/Body awareness there is a lot of interesting examples about what does it mean to be a human. I think this Spiritual point of view may speak to a lot of people, so my first choice is this article. Check her website she has a lot of wonderful wisdom which is a lot similar like mine. That proves the fact that the universal truth is all the same only the answers are different. “Nothing is only physical, or nothing is only emotional, or mental, or spiritual. Our fears and beliefs are coded in our body

Life Coach View


The second point of view is a lot more from the Mental being “Eyes”. It has many quotes from scientists and other people who see the world from the neutral side. I think that exactly in these kind of quotes we can see that we are something more than just some biological form. A lot of scientific quotes have more Spiritual essence than most of the guru’s. Weird right? Well “Weird” being also the name of the website what I want to say is that scientists have bigger faith than most of the radical believers, even if they are not aware of it. What I mean by this is that the ones who think that to believe something you first have to see it, understand more than they know how important believing is. “A star-studded panel of scientists gathered to discuss those heady themes at the World Science Festival in New York City. Here are their answers in convenient nutshell form”


The last point of view I have chosen comes from a Psychologist. His website “Psychology Today” has many useful and insightful info on human behavior and thinking. I think it would be really interesting to see psychologist’s thought on this subject. Their perception of human being comes from a place where Physical, Emotional, and Mental elements connect. I think this point of view connects the other 2 above, so this is why I have putted last. “Minimally to be human is to be one of “us”, but this begs the question of the class of creatures to which “us” refers”

Psychology Today.

To be a human is the rarest thing humans do. We ether forget our Spiritual side and become egoistic materialists, or we forget our Physical side and become extreme believers. Sometimes we become cold tools by neglecting our Emotional side, or become naively Depressed by neglecting our Mental side. Being a human needs all of these parts, being a human requires thinking logically and rationally and in the same time believing in something we cannot see, loving and caring and expressing emotions totally exposed to being hurt but in the same time being strong and physically ready to fight and survive.

Mind PointsTHE CODE

<To be a human means a lot of different things depending on the point of view that you observe the problem from, but when you look at the bigger picture all of the meanings have one same Truth, to be SEMP>