How Much Does Hair Restoration Treatment Usually Cost These Days?


There are many reasons to get a hair transplant and deciding on the right surgeon for you will likely come down to the cost.

A lot of people suffer from various diseases that makes their hair fall off, but whatever the case, losing your hair can damage your confidence, especially if you are basing your confidence on your looks.

If you are suffering from hair loss and you have tried lots of ways to stop it and they aren’t working, you can book your transplant as soon as possible.

Some people are put off by the operation but it isn’t too bad if you follow the aftercare. Remember hair transplants commonly last for a lifetime, so you will be sorted after the quick procedure.

The price of the hair transplant will all depend on where you get the procedure done. One of our backend designers just got back from Turkey with a new hair and increased confidence. I mean, huge part of the reason why we decided to write an article about this was his confidence. He was a new man. You might wonder why Turkey though?

Well, most people decide to get a hair transplant in Turkey because of the highly qualified surgeons and the cheap costs.

They usually cost around $2,550 to 8,000 but some are more like $13,000 outside of Turkey. You will also need to consider the price of flights and accommodation if you are going abroad for a transplant.

What You Should know About Hair Restoration Treatment:


Is it worth the cost?

If you haven’t been feeling yourself due to lack of hair and constant hair loss, you will 100% benefit from the procedure.

It depends on the person, but most people will believe a short procedure with some aftercare is worth it.

You can find reviews online and speak to anyone you know that has done the operation to see how they feel with their new hair.

What aftercare will I need to do?

You won’t just have the operation and be completely finished, you will need to take care of yourself after the operation too.

Even though your surgeon will tell you these things, it is worth remembering you won’t be able to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the operation, most people leave it 3 days.

When you wash your hair, you will need to be very gentle and not scrub it hard. Power showers are a no go, it’s best to use a cup with water so you don’t cause any damage to the delicate area.

Avoiding infection is the main aim after the operation and many surgeons will give you antibiotics to combat infection and pain relief for those who are particularly inflamed.

Small things like staying hydrated and eating healthy meals will also help your scalp heal as they will boost your immune system.

Eating badly after the operation is definitely a no as you won’t recover fast and most people would like to return to their normal life as soon as possible.

What are some alternatives to a hair transplant?

If you can’t bear to think about a hair transplant and you really don’t like the thought of surgery, your only other option is a wig.

This is nothing compared to the surgery as you will need to maintain the wig and make sure it doesn’t fly off when you are out and about.

It really does depend on your lifestyle as to what method to combat hair loss suits you.

Some men and women would prefer to just embrace the baldness instead of having the operation, if being bald doesn’t seem to affect you then you can rock it and go with the flow.

Now you know the cost of a hair transplant and some of the benefits you will reap by having one, you can make a decision and book your procedure if you think it’s right for you.

Whatever decision you make, we hope you enjoy your life with new hair or a wig. And if you need help with your confidence, you can always try more psychological solutions.

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