4 Untold Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence No One Ever Tells You!


You see these several people who feel so at ease in front of the crowd as if the place belongsĀ to them. You then secretly tell yourself how you wished you have their confidence.

The truth is, while confidence is a gift to some chosen few, others fought their way to acquire the confidence they once dreamed of.

By applying the right techniques, they turned themselves into the person they dreamed to become.

Most of these people practice subtle things that maybe even they are not aware of. However, these untold tweaks probably have the most significant effect on their confidence.

Here are the 4 ways you can use to boost your confidence to the highest level that no one ever speaks of:

4 Untold Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence4 Untold Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

1. Just SEND It.

A confident person will always say what they mean. They will rarely hesitate to send a message they want to send or tell something they want to tell. And we assume they do this because they are really confident. However, it’s the other way around!

They have strong self confidence because they don’t hesitate toĀ press “send.”

This is where the difference lies. Those afraid enough will stop while those willing to go on despite their fears just press “send.” No matter what happens, they use that chance!

And there is a trick. If youĀ press send in less than 6 seconds you are not giving your mind enough time to find excuses and overthink the situation and create self-doubt. Doing it is what matters most.

Whatever the result might be, as long as you overcome self-doubt, you’re on your way to gaining confidence.

2. Write a NO-DO List.

Writing to-do lists is helpful. It clears your mind and directs you to do only the things that are on your priority list.

However, latest studies have discovered that one of the most effective lists that can help you is a No-Do list.

This is a list of things you are not allowed to do within your day. These limitation keep you protected from wasting your energy on things that do not give it back.

Writing a No-Do list might be the one thing you need that will give you the highest level of self confidence.

Instead of doing things that give you self confidence, stop doing the things that take it away.

Stop doing the things, stop thinking the thoughts and stop hanging out with people who take your self confidence and energy.

3. Do What YOU Love.

We are all chasing something. But at the end of the day, nothing will give us the thing we are looking for because it’s not a thing what we look for. It’s a sense, a state mind, a feeling of being enough to do what we really love.

Confident people have realized this and they stop chasing that rabbit. Instead, they assume they are enough and do what they love without explanation.

Again, they don’t do it because they are confident, they are confident because they do what they love without explaining themselves to anyone.

Nobody deserves your explanation why you want to walk in the park by yourself. Nobody deserves your explanation why you love listening to old songs, or dance in the club, or smile at that beautiful girl!

You are enough to follow your heart only you’ve been fooled to believe you are not, so you can chase things that will give you that state of mind.

So if you want a tremendous boost of confidence, do what you love! Do it for one day without asking anyone for approval or explaining yourself. See how you feel.


Nobody speaks of this, but it’s one of the most important elements for the confidence in people.

They have experience and memories of being confident. They get these reference points by collecting moments when they were courageous enough to face their fears and do what they wanted to do instead.

These moments flourish into memories that tell them they can be ok no matter what happens. These memories create a structure and each new reference just strengthens that structure.

So by creating memories where they did what they intended to do despite their fears, no matter what happened, these people build their structure of confidence and create a source for their self esteem.

Most importantly, they get their self esteem from inside this structure of memories, not from outside things.

And each reference enhances their source for self esteem and strengthens their self confidence, like training a muscle.