The 7 Best Ways to Stay Active and Fit in Your Everyday Life


Most Americans spend most of their time sitting, in the car, at their desk, or on the couch.

Studies show that excessive sitting can increase the risk of colon and breast cancer. Another recent study discovered that spending too much time in front of the television may shorten your life.

Physically active adults have a 35% lower risk of colon cancer and a 25% lower risk of breast cancer, and it’s never too late to change your lifestyle.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll look at some of the best ways to keep yourself fit and active so that you can enjoy a healthier life.

Top 7 Effective Ways to Keep Yourself Active:


You must have read so many ways to keep yourself fit and active, but if you are searching for the most effective and perfectly researched methods, then this section is a must read for you.

Below are the top 7 most effective ways to keep yourself active and fit.

1. Walking can Make a Huge Difference.

Walking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to stay active outside of the gym.

To burn calories, walk faster and spend more time on each walk. Use a fitness tracker to track your walking and gradually go up to 10,000 steps per day to gain maximum benefits.

If you cannot walk outside, you can also get a treadmill and walk on it regularly. Moreover, depending on your weight and the intensity of your workout, brisk walking can also help burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes.

2. Try to Stand During Work.

Many of us spend hours at work inactive, resulting in a missed opportunity to burn hundreds of calories each day.

A standing desk may be able to help you improve that. Standing straight puts the body under a lot more stress than sitting and hence burns more calories.

If you stand for the whole of your workday, you can improve your leg strength and endurance. A small change, like standing instead of sitting, can make a significant difference.

However, if your workplace doesn’t have standing desks, take short five minute breaks to engage in some kind of exercise at least once an hour.

Standing can burn 50% more calories than sitting.

3. Get a Pet.

Getting a pet, like a dog, will provide you with an additional urge to get out and be active.

Pets require action, and they also need to go out to walk. This can act as a reminder to get at least a short stroll every day.

So, if you take your dog out for a stroll, you will also have to walk along. This can help you burn a lot of calories, and you can also stay fit.

4. Cleaning Your Home is also an Effective Way to burn Calories.

Cleaning your house or apartment regularly is another strategy to stay active throughout the week. Moreover, it can keep several muscle groups active and strong.

So, try not to shy away from cleaning your home as it can also play a vital role in keeping you fit.

For instance, mopping the flooring, cleaning the dishes, or even washing your clothes can contribute to losing excessive calories and keeping you fit.

5. Cooking is also a part of an Exercise.

While most people do not consider cooking to be exercise, even preparing a simple dish at home burns more calories, and usually results in fewer calories consumed.

It means, when you prepare your food, you know how many calories you intake. In this way, you can keep control of the type of food you prepare.

Cooking your food will resist you from preparing any unhealthy foods and can keep you healthy.

6. Light therapy can also Help to Maintain Fitness.

Red light treatment has various health benefits, ranging from lowering inflammation and the impacts of oxidative stress, to enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. However, red light therapy also has a remarkable effect in assisting you to lose weight.

Along with improving your cells’ ATP production, red light therapy affects adipocytes or fat storing cells.

Exposure to red light therapy also causes adipocytes to release triglycerides, resulting in decreased volume and fat loss.

However, cholesterol reduction is not the only benefit red light treatment offers. Patients can also lose weight and keep themselves fit with regular use of this therapy.

7. Dancing Keeps You Fit.

Often, friends hang out in a coffee shop or bar. Instead of such hangouts, go for a calorie burning activity such as walking, dancing, or a Zumba class.

However, among all these activities, dancing is the most calorie burning exercise that can help you to burn more than 200 calories in under 30 minutes.

What You Should Remember?

To keep yourself fit and active, there are certain things that you need to discard from your life.

For instance, stay away from junk foods and other unhealthy activities. Make a routine of when you’ll perform your exercises to keep yourself active.

Try not to get derailed from your exercise sessions as it can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Moreover, light therapy can also contribute to keeping you fit and can even help you reduce weight.

Make sure to consult with an expert before you take any of these light therapy sessions.

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