How Often Should You Have a Practice of Cleaning Your Home


If you ask me I would not clean EVER. But that’s not a realistic option because things get dirty. And we need to clean them.

I would wonder, why do we need to clean? What would happen if we didn’t clean? Can we live being dirty?

There is a deeper layer to cleaning than just having a clean environment. There are actually 2 layers, and I will talk about the deeper layer first.

The 2 Layers of Cleaning:

The first layer is good hygiene.

Good Hygiene is one of the 4 pillars of health that we speak about at Life Coach Code and it’s the pillar that most people take for granted.

When we talk about hygiene we often think about the physical aspect, cleaning our body from dirt.

But hygiene is a multipillar activity, something that affects all of your fundamental parts, your spirit, mind, body and heart.

When you have a clean environment it affects your mind, when you clean your body, it affects your mood, you feel fresher, it’s also a feeling.

So the first layer of cleaning is washing down the unnecessary debris that you accumulate and cleaning the main platform you work on or you work with.

This can be your body, your environment, your mind, as well as the activities that waste your time or habits that waste your energy.

Emotional Hygiene is something not a lot of people are aware of, going through the 7 low levels of emotions we often suppress and releasing the accumulated emotions we carry with us.

Most people go their whole life with an emotional self that is stinky and dirty, because they have not cleaned it even once.

What will happen to your physical body if you do not ever clean it? You will be unhealthy, dirty, you will stink. This brings us to the second layer of cleaning.

The second layer is healthy environment.

As we said, cleaning is more than just putting things in place and getting rid of dirt.

It’s washing down the unnecessary garbage both from our own being and our environment.

The first layer is about cleaning your own being. The second layer is about cleaning your environment.

The benefits of clean environment are also affecting your life on many levels and they have an impact on your whole being too. In fact, a study done by researchers at Indiana University found a strange correlation between a clean home and physical fitness.

There are many benefits of a clean home. However, the biggest benefit is making a healthier place to live in. You are cleaning away the insects, the dirt, the fungi, the smell, the bacteria and the germs.

All of that contributes for you to feel at ease and to feel fresh in the comfort of your home.

So How Often Should You clean?


The best practice to have is to clean your physical body daily and your emotional body once every week.

As of your environment, you should clean your room, make your bed, clean the dishes, all those types of things you should do daily.

And for your home you should practice a good cleaning session once every week or once every two weeks.

And once every month, or once every two months you should have a a cleaning session when you will go through everything thoroughly.

If you follow this structure and practice cleaning regularly your hygiene and environment will be healthy.

If you feel like cleaning takes too much of your time than take care of your own self, but leave your environment to a professional cleaning service.

Our team member just got back from Auckland and they inspired us to write this article by sharing their experience with living alone.

They had trouble cleaning their apartment so they asked a cleaning service to do it and they were surprised.

So they decided to make a guide on how to find the best and most affordable cleaning services for people that visit Auckland or anyone anywhere in the world.

If you are somewhere in DC our friend says that this is the best possible house cleaning service in washington dc so maybe you will like it as well. If not, check the guide below.

How to Find The Best Cleaning Service?

They say that first you need to find out what you should clean, what is your budget and of course, where is your location.

Once you know your budget, things and rooms you need to be clean and location it’s easier to find the right cleaning service for you.

The best cleaning options won’t only help you out with cleaning, but also save you money to maintain healthier living standards.

Cleaning service prices differ depending on the specific task to be performed.

You could choose to form an arrangement with your cleaning service for routine cleaning.

Some cleaning exercises either require equipment or special techniques, and they are priced proportionally.

For instance, having a blower would cost you roughly $70 a night.

On the other hand, carpets might be slightly pricy because of the difficulty experienced in cases of removal and fitting.

Extracting water from carpets goes for roughly $290.

For customers that are only willing to wash their carpets and curtains, these are cleaned from $85+, depending on the area covered.

Carpet cleaning also involves removal of spots, pests, stains, and odor. This service costs $14+.

Common cleaning might be relatively economical, but carpet steam clean starts from $40.

It’s more effective since steam kills pests that might have infested your carpet.

So you should know your goals before you start looking for a service so you can know exactly what to look for and how much you need to spend.

Home cleaning varies depending on the size of your house, which means considering the number of floors.

However, cleaning service providers use the number of bedrooms to price their services for three to four hours of thorough cleaning.

In Auckland, the prices go like this, One bedroom for $55, Two bedrooms for $60, Three bedrooms for $75, More than three bedrooms for $95.

But the prices are similar to most places, no matter where you live. There are also a variety of house cleaning activities that definitely vary from one service provider to the next.

Some of the most common house cleaning activities include:

1. End of tenancy, One bedroom for $120, Two bedrooms for $140, and so on.

2. Deep cleaning services for around $150.

3. Water blasting that usually costs around $170.

4. Interior and exterior window cleaning for $120.

Ordinary house cleaning is also offered weekly and monthly. As shown, Auckland cleaning prices are quite affordable or standard depending on what and how you want it done.

Remember to choose professional services that best serve your need for a good price. Keep every part of your house and yourself as clean as it can be.

However, do not forget that getting dirty is also a part of living. So get dirty, but practice cleaning.

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