The 4 Awesome Ways to Get You In A Better Mood


Your mood is a decision you make by the actions you take.

There are those days where you feel completely down and drained, where you don’t feel like doing anything.

Maybe you’re tired, maybe you’re stressed, maybe you’re just upset and don’t know why.

We’ve all been there. And no matter how many times we re watch “The Office” or read The Office quotes, whether we binge watch a whole season of “Friends” or remind ourselves of the best lines from Joey, we still can’t manage to get out of the funk that we are in.

However, it’s not a complete and total loss. There are several ways to get out of your funk and into a better mood.

All you have to do is decide to do it, and voila, you can be back to your chippy self in no time.

So how exactly can you stop feeling down and out and start feeling bright and better? Here are 4 ways to get you in a better mood.

4 Ways to Get You In A Better Mood:


1. Listen to Your Favorite Music.

If you’re feeling upset then there are a few things you can do to stop feeling that way, one of which is putting on your favorite playlist, and zoning out to the music and rhythm.

This is something that helps me the most, personally.

Going a step further would be compiling a playlist specifically for when you know you’ll be feeling upset, and that you can put on to make you feel better.

Try to make the playlist upbeat and fun instead of filling it with mellow music, and slow songs.

Remember you want to make yourself feel better, not make yourself feel worse.

Try to put the songs that you relate to a fun time, and try to put songs that will make you get and up dance to the music.

2. Head Out and Have Some Fun.

Maybe you’re not feeling down at all, maybe you’re just bored and could use a change of scenery.

Or maybe you are upset and not feeling all that great.

Either way, going out with a bunch of friends is a good way to get your mind off of what’s bothering you, and have you focused on fun filled activities.

Go to your favorite restaurant, or hit up the local bars with your buds, and try to make a night to remember.

Depending on where you live considering the current situation with the pandemic, you might not be able to do lots of those things.

However, the virtual also works if you get together with friends. And sometimes all we need is just to spend time with friends.

By being around friends, even virtually, and having a good time, it’s a good way to guarantee that you will certainly forget what’s bothering you.

3. Try Talking About It.

If something is really digging away at you and bothering you, try talking to someone about it, and getting it off of your chest.

Sometimes, that is the best way to relinquish your feelings about it. It’s definitely better than the alternative, which is harboring what’s bothering you around all day and dealing with it by yourself.

It’s been shown that talking about a problem helps release some of the anxiety you have about it, and helps you move past that problem, towards the solution to your worries.

So call up a close friend or family member, have a talk with them, and let them know what it is that’s bothering you, and maybe even ask for their advice on how to solve it.

4. Change Your Surroundings.

If you tried everything and still can’t get in a better mood, maybe the problem isn’t within you, but with your surroundings.

So change them.

Try leaving your room and going out for a walk, or go to the park and spend the day under the nice warm sun.

Or, head to a friend’s house and spend the day with them.

Try changing your surroundings in hopes that a different scenery will mean a different mood.

How to Use This Article?

👉 Step 1. After reading this article, what of these 4 ways resonated with you the most? Try it out immediately.

👉 Step 2. You can try all of them and see what works best for you.

👉 Step 3. Challenge yourself to try all of them at once. Listen to music while walking in Nature, call up a friend, tell them what’s bugging you and chat for a while. The combo of using all of them will certainly improve your mood at least a tiny bit.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.