The 3 Biggest Causes For Loneliness And Depression That No One Talks About


There is a big connection between spiritual growth and loneliness.

More than often, you hear that depression, anxiety and loneliness are global epidemics that ruin many people’s quality of life and well being.

And this is true. Depression, anxiety and loneliness are a pandemic of modern society. Psychologists are just becoming aware of this.

For some reason, despite being more connected than ever before in human history, we are least connected to each other as human beings.

We are lonelier than ever. And there are some causes that most people blame for this like technology, trauma, stress, work, even diet.

However, in our experience we have noticed that there are 3 big causes, probably the biggest, that no one really talks about openly. Here they are.

The 3 Biggest Causes For Loneliness And Depression:


1. Spiritual growth in the wrong environment.

Probably one of the biggest causes for loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and even depression, in the modern era, is waking up to bigger truths while surrounded with wrong people.

Most people praise spiritual growth without ever thinking about the possible consequences it can bring. Waking up to the truth in the wrong environment can be harsh.

You grow spiritually, you detach from old harmful paradigms, you see bigger truths of life, just to see that you are alone with this kind of enlightened perspective.

2. Losing your sense of self.

It’s normal to feel lost in life at certain point. This period is meant for reinventing and evolving the self. However, most people get stuck and lose their sense of self.

Some might even fall into the trap that the Self is bad and you should live without it, they’ll say it’s not the real you. But the Self is an integral part of your spirit, it’s a spiritual organ.

Even though the real you is not the self, you need the Self to be spiritually healthy, just like you need your organs. Without a Self you cannot really connect with others.

3. Not having a healthy social life.

The four key elements in every person’s life are Health, Work, Learning, and Socializing. Without just one of these four keys a person will have negative consequences.

We need to keep these 4 elements of healthy living in balance. However, in modern times, many people lack the fourth key. They completely ignore the social aspect of their life.

A healthy social life rewards us with connection, security and inner warmth. It’s achieved by meeting new people, interacting and sharing. All humans are social creatures.

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