The 3 Main Things Every Person Needs To Transcend In Order To Evolve Into Superhuman


We can become the noble beings that we envision.

There is something similar between the gods of old stories and the superheroes of modern times. Since the beginning of humanity we have been obsessed creating perfect beings.

And maybe there is a clue in this. Maybe there is a potential that we suppress that’s trying to come out, trying to get our attention by making us obsessed with creating such beings.

There’s a dynamic well known in the psychology circles where a suppressed trauma or unresolved emotion is forcing the individual to recreate events that will resolve it.

What if the same applies to our potential. What if suppressed potential makes us compensate for it by projecting it upon figures, or even creating figures that can wield it.

There is a bigger potential in human beings, there is no doubt about it. We call this potential Superhuman. In order to become a Superhuman you need to transcend 3 things.

The 3 Main Things Every Person Needs To Transcend To Evolve Into Superhuman:


1. The Personal Ego.

The Ego has been infamous subject. However, just like your mind and body, the ego is a tool for experiencing life and growing. It’s not its fault that people fall slaves to it.

The problem is not that we have an ego, but that we let ourselves think the ego is all that we are. The ego is just a necessary character we create to experience the world through.

There is no growth without the ego, no lessons, no real evolution. However, there comes a time when you need to become aware that you are more than just your ego.

In order to become a Superhuman you need to transcend the shackles of the ego, to realize you are its creator, not its slave. Do not kill your ego, but stop being its slave.

And not just your ego, you need to transcend the elements that constitute your ego, like the story you tell yourself, your belief system, you are their master, not their slave.

2. The Old Narrative.

There is a narrative that the human mind has been sharing, a narrative as old as humanity. It’s the narrative of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, the hero vs. the villain, the eternal battle.

And this story has been told over and over, and over, and over again through countless different formats and in who knows how many different ways. But the story is the same.

Two sides, one is good, the other is evil. There is always an enemy. In any side. But can’t you see the clue here. There is always an enemy, the good is the evil from the other side.

And you have to choose a side. This is exactly the narrative you need to transcend. The world is not separated in sides. There is no real enemy, no given evil.

Until we keep telling ourselves this narrative we will reflect the concepts of evil upon others, we will create sides. There are no sides. It’s you and everyone else.

3. The Assumed Limits.

These limits are established in countless different ways. One is the norm, the other is culture, religion, societal paradigms, another is our own assumed limitations.

We have put a limit on our potential. We call it being human. Because we don’t want to take responsibility of our potential we compensated in imagining gods we are idealizing.

We have created perfect beings, stories of gods that we serve and follow, but we have forgotten, or haven’t been aware of the real reason we created them.

We have imagined these perfect beings because they show us the potential of what we can become. It’s hard to be as the perfection we have imagined, it’s overwhelming.

Maybe that’s why we need to transcend these assumed limitations. Maybe we can strive to be more like the gods we have imagined if we stop dreaming for perfection.

When you transcend the personal ego and the story that reinforces it, the outdated global narrative, and the imaginary limits we put on ourselves, you will arrive in front of a whole new territory, one that has not yet been explored by the human being. And there’s where your journey begins. If you want to start this journey and evolve into Superhuman you can join here.