The 4 Step Journey How To Become A Superhuman


Becoming a Superhuman is a process of unleashing your full potential.

Humanity is on the verge of a new evolution. We have a special potential deep inside our essence to become Superhuman and here I will show you the 4 main steps.

If you are not like most people, and since you are reading this article chances are you are not, you feel there is much more to you deep inside, like you are missing something.

You watch movies about superheroes and you know that there is an untapped potential somewhere within you, that you can be so much than you settled for.

However, it’s naive to believe in superhero movies so you think it’s just a dreamy desire. But what if can? What if you can transform into a super version of you?

And maybe you will not have superpowers, but you will have something even greater than superpowers. This is what we call your super and here is the journey to acquire it.

4 Step Journey How To Become A Superhuman:


1. Balance your pillars.

You have The Spiritual Pillar and this is the network of beliefs, your self, your character and your story, it creates your reality.

You have The Mental Pillar or the domain of your mind, it determines how you process information and what you do with it, it generates possibilities.

You have The Physical Pillar and it is an organism, a structure of systems working together, it’s your vehicle in the world.

You have The Emotional Pillar or the realm of your heart, it shares messages of your soul, it gives you direction.

You are a human being. You are multilayered being, you have 4 pillars that constitute you. To become superhuman you need balance between them.

2. Find your NESS.

The second step after you balance your pillars is to dive deep into your energy. You need to examine all aspects of your energy.

You see, we are like a unique melody. In order to find your melody you need to understand your notes and see if you need to tune them.

This means that you need to examine your energy centers and to clear the blocks that prevent smooth flow of your energy.

As you make your energy flow smoothly you will free yourself to be who you are more intensely. And you need to do this.

You need this because that’s how you will find your uniqueNESS, your melody, your energy print, your special flavor.

3. Get to your center.

After you find your NESS you need to be able to use it freely. However in order to use it freely and let it transform you, you need to find your center.

Your center is a conscious journey. As you walk through the journey you need to free yourself from all influences.

This means doing inner work. Releasing past trauma, unresolved emotions, false knowledge and egotistical desires.

By releasing all this impure influences you will rediscover your truth, your pure center from where you can freely operate.

In order to achieve this you need to have balanced pillars, you need to find your NESS and it’s easier to get to your center.

4. Unleash your super.

As you come to your center, holding your NESS in your hands and standing balanced, you need to dive deep into your NESS, into your special flavor.

And only at your center you can do this. You need complete freedom from subconscious influences to do this.

As you dive deeper you will discover the essence of your NESS, or your Super. You will discover the essence of your Superhumanity.

Your super will be usually something unique to you, something you unconsciously used to protect yourself in the past.

However, this time you are conscious, this time you have control. The last step is to embrace it fully and transform through it.

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