4 Psychological Rules That Will Create Much More Positive Reality For You


Psychology is a science that can unlock the mysteries of our inner world. However, sometimes it can even reshape the reality we live in.

Just like the world you live in, our psyche follows rules that we have integrated within our belief system as we were growing up.

Some of these rules are there to help us navigate the world, to understand the world and to save us energy. However, some rules are outdated.

We need to update our operating system of our psyche with rules that make our life much more beautiful.

Here are the 4 psychological rules that, if you follow, you will start seeing the world in a much different light, your mind will render better reality.

4 Psychological Rules That Create Positive Reality:


1. The Rule of Presence.

There is no past because every second is present. There is no future because it has yet to be created. All you have, all you had and all you will ever have is the present moment.

In the present moment is where all of your being is concentrated. In the present moment is where you can make an impact and change something.

The past, future, possible futures, it’s all just thoughts, memories and fantasies of the mind that tries to make predictions based on past experiences.

But in the now is where you can go beyond a loop, where you can change the course, where you can learn new things and take novel actions.

This rule is all about reminding yourself to bring your awareness to the present moment more often.

2. The Rule of Mirrors.

There is a saying among psychologists that every single person who surrounds you is mirroring an aspect of your psyche.

People are people, they are living beings with free will. But the way you perceive them, their actions, their traits, this is where the reflective phenomena comes in.

Because we cannot really know anyone completely to their core, we assume who they are based on our own aspects we carry within.

So when someone upsets you it’s because they remind you of something within you that you do not like. You are attracted to traits that you miss to find within yourself.

This rule is about being aware of others in a way that you get to know yourself a little better with every interaction.

3. The Rule of Dependency.

If there is one rule you should really follow is that nobody and nothing owes you anything.

You are free to make your own choices and you are free to use your free will, not to be owed something, but because you are inspired to.

If you help someone you should help them because you choose to, not so something good can happen to you, or to validate your goodness.

Whatever you do, nobody owes you anything. You are free to choose your actions, so if you want to do good to the world do it unconditionally.

This rule means to let go of the imaginary scoreboard and free yourself to do what you are actually inspired, for the sake of doing this thing.

4. The Rule of Optimism.

Whether you are an optimist, a pessimist or a realist, time keeps moving and things change. Who is right, who is wrong, who is naive, none of it matters.

Nobody can really tell and describe the true nature of reality. So no matter how you classify yourself as, you are always living in a fantasy created by your mind.

You render your reality based on the information that comes into your mind and the rules you apply to this information are based on knowledge you’ve learned.

Each person renders a different reality based on their point of view, memories and perspective. So you might as well choose a perspective that renders a more positive reality.

This rule suggests to embrace the fact that you render your reality and to consciously decide to render it through optimistic lenses.