5 Steps How To Overcome And Diffuse Feelings Of Anxiety


Humanity might be the most advanced than it has ever been before, but when it comes to our emotions and feelings we are illiterates.

Most of us still have this false belief that there are positive and negative emotions, failing to understand that each emotion is just a messenger.

People spend their whole life chasing the emotion of happiness not realizing that happiness is a sign on the right path, not the path itself.

Our hectic lifestyles and countless distractions on every corner reduce the period in our day to just be with ourselves, listen to our bodies, see what we feel and process it.

This rushed way of living and our emotional illiteracy contribute to the global epidemic of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Here is how to diffuse anxiety if you feel it often.

5 Steps How To Overcome Anxiety:


1. Be there with yourself and the sensation.

Whenever you catch yourself feeling anxious make sure to go somewhere quiet where you feel safe, and just be with yourself. Sit there and let yourself feel whatever you feel. If you feel anxiety it’s completely normal. Do not judge what you feel.

2. Dive into the sensation, surrender and let it flow freely through you.

Acknowledging the sensation that you feel, in this case anxiety, surrender to it. Stop trying to control it. Stop resisting its presence. Whatever you feel it’s ok. Dive into these sensations, let them flow freely through you. Let them move where they meant to go.

3. Breathe in deeply feeling the sensation and breathe out fully letting the sensation go.

As you embrace the sensations, try to surrender to them with every breath you take in and let them go, let them disappear with every breath out. Do this couple of times. Try to see how the sensation of anxiety is decreasing in its intensity without you doing anything.

4. Thank the sensations for the message and your emotional self for bringing these sensations to your awareness.

When the sensation of anxiety is gone, or when its intensity has drastically decreased, honor it by thanking it for bringing you this message to slow down and self reflect. Thank your emotional self for speaking this language. Thank them sincerely.

5. Become aware of the present moment.

When you thank your emotions and your emotional self, your anxiety will be gone. To hold on to this feeling of freshness and clarity try to bring your awareness to the present moment. Feel the temperature in the room, hear the sounds around you. Be present.

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