How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This December To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


This whole year was an year with a theme for emotional transformation and making yourself into a better version of you.

You might not recognize how much you have improved yourself throughout the year but if you followed this program you certainly did.

This month is all about finishing the things you have started, letting go of what no longer serves us and reflecting on how much we improved.

We started with an intention to become a better version of ourselves, we created goals and resolutions. We finish this year with getting the fruit.

We have been leveling up each month, but this one we are finally flourishing into a better version of ourselves.

3 Things To Do This December To Be The Best Self:


1. Finish things you started.

We have started many things throughout this year, many projects and habits. Some of this things are still on hold. Evaluate what projects you want to complete and what are no longer interesting for you. Focus on the ones you would like to finish and sprint this month on finishing them. Put a lot of action if you need to.

2. Let go of things that you don’t want to carry.

The things you have started, the projects you created but are no longer interesting for you, all the things that are just unnecessary weight for you, evaluate them and let them go. It doesn’t matter if they are not finished. If you don’t want to finish either of them don’t carry them. Let them go. This applies to emotions, desires, habits and activities that just waste your time.

3. Reflect on all that you achieved till now.

We go throughout all these missions but we rarely see how they change and improve us. That’s why we need to reflect on who we were and who we are right now so we can see the transformation. Through reflection we can see how much we have improved. This will give you rewarding feelings and positivity to keep becoming even better version of you.