10 Signs You Are A Successful Introvert


It’s not about the cards you were dealt, it’s how you play them.

Most of psychologists separate the world in extroverts and introverts. But reality is that there are many shades in between.

Some people are more extroverted, some are more introverted, but we all have some percentage of both labels.

There are also people who are in between, they have balance between both and they are called Ambiverts. However, whatever group you belong to, there are pros and cons.

You can use the benefits of each group and be smart about the disadvantages to use everything in your favor and be successful.

Introverts, even though famously considered as shy, can use their introversion to be really successful. Here are the signs someone is a successful introvert perfectly playing their role.

10 Signs You Are Successful Introvert:signs-you-are-successful-introvert

1. You spend time in solitude to recharge.

Deliberately spending some time in solitude is a rare case for introverts. They usually do it because it feels more comfortable for them. But taking conscious decision to be in solitude so you can recharge tells that you are in control of your energy management.

2. You seem wiser than your age.

This often comes from their tendency to study everything that surrounds them carefully, permitting them to understand, as well as see things which a lot of extroverts miss. That’s what actually makes them wiser than others.

3. You have a small number of close friends.

Even though they can know a lot of people, just like extroverts, introverts will not consider those people their close friends. Successful introverts are simply going to keep two or three people who they feel strong connection with. However, they keep others as acquaintances.

4. You are an excellent listener.

Extroverts spend most of the time talking instead of listening to some conversations. Introverts listen, however that does not mean they are good listeners. Most listen because talking is tiring for them. Successful introverts listen to hear what others are really saying.

5. You balance daydreaming with taking action.

Introverts believe that the world which is inside their heads is as interesting and exciting as the world which surrounds them, that’s why they enjoy daydreaming. But successful introverts also take action to reach some of these dreams and goals.

6. Focusing is one of your greatest abilities.

When they are interested in something, introverts will completely focus on it for a long time, even hours. They will lose all track of time. This shows their natural super ability to have strong focus and successful introverts know how to wield this tool.

7. You have no problem going to parties with friends.

The small number of close friends is what introverts really need to have fun. However, they are seen as not party people. But successful introverts know how to have fun with their friends, and they will not miss a party if their friends are there.

8. You are perceived as intense for some.

Small talks are meaningless for any introvert. They want to talk about their passions, interests, to dive into deep topics. Jumping into profound conversations will make them intense, but successful introverts don’t care if others perceive them as intense.

9. You avoid conversations on the phone.

Introverts don’t really like to talk on their phones because they lack the ability to express fully, with all their body language and emotions. Some might even become angry or anxious when it comes to answering it. Successful introverts prefer speaking in person.

10. You journal about the feelings you experience.

Although extroverts often talk about their emotions and feelings openly, introverts have difficulties when it comes to expressing those feelings verbally. That’s why successful introverts express them in their emotional journal.