Insightful Infographic Shows How Long Your Garbage Lives Compared To Animals


If animals know us humans for something that would be our garbage production and the pollution we do in the environment.

Plastics have made our lives easier and are important to keeping many materials cheap, flexible, durable, and transparent.

However, it has also created the plastic pollution that is taking over the oceans around the world and poses a risk to our global health.

While it is difficult to tell exactly where plastic comes from in the oceans, some estimates say that about 20% of the trash comes from ships and platforms that are offshore.

In addition, some studies have shown that 44% of all seabird species have plastic in and around their bodies.

To give you a clearer idea about the Monster of a product we have created and how much longer it can stay and pollute the world after it is produced, here is an infographic.

Infographic Shows How Long Your Garbage Lives Compared To Animals:

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean and How it Affects You Courtesy of gradschools.comPlastic Pollution and The Ocean

Animals and Nature doesn’t have to suffer just because we want cheaper products to suit our greedy desires. Start recycling and use less plastic!