The 3 Essential Missions Each Superhuman Has To Go Through To Transform


We have divine potential within. Each of us can transform to become what we call a Superhuman, however, only if they accept the journey.

The Superhuman transformation process is a personal journey each person can go through if they are willing to complete 3 missions.

These 3 missions, even though mutual for everyone, are unique and subjective to each person. If you choose to complete them you will face your own demons and inner wounds.

This uniqueness makes the journey different and personal for each individual, because each of us needs to walk a different path in order to transform.

However, as you complete the journey you will arrive to the same truth and you will unlock the same superhuman potential within, as each person who goes through the journey.

Here are the 3 missions you will have to complete in order to unlock your superhuman potential within.

The 3 Essential Missions Of Each Superhuman:essential-missions-each-superhuman-has-to-go-through

1. Enter the cave you most fear to enter.

We all have a deep fear of something. This deep fear is not like the regular types of fear that keep us safe. This fear is a monster, a bloated abomination of the program that’s keeping us safe. This fear is something we don’t even want to speak or even think about.

When you have a fear like this it means there is something inside of it. A wound, a trauma, something that has created this festering. There is a part of you trapped within this deep fear. It keeps you chained, it prevents you from living in ways you are not even aware of.

That’s why, entering the cave you most fear to enter gives the greatest treasure anyone can ever find. Entering this cave means going within this deep fear, facing it, observing it, seeing beyond the scary voices. And finding the abandoned part of you within.

As you do this you’ll discover the crying part of you that’s alone in that cave is creating the scary voices. The part that you have been neglecting because you avoided even thinking about your fear. And when you find this part you will need to embrace it and love it.

This is how you heal the wounds and the trauma that has monsterized your fear. By facing your deepest fear despite being afraid and showing it love. By showing to the part of yourself that’s alone inside the cave that you are its hero. That’s how you become whole.

2. Embrace your shadow self.

You have a shadow self within you. This shadow self, as Carl Jung called it, is the part of you that you have disowned and suppressed. It’s usually a persona you have a strong dislike for. It’s a part of you that you think is bad and unacceptable for society.

The best way to discover the shadow self is to examine the people you have a strong aversion toward. These people remind you of this part within you that you have disowned and they promote strong emotions of resentment and aversion.

Let’s say you really hate corporate individuals. You see these people as the incarnated evil of the world. However, it’s not them, it’s what you project upon them that is important here. Of course, not all corporate people are evil, right? This thinking is flawed.

It’s flawed because your shadow self is distorting it. More correctly, you are distorting it to justify your suppressed shadow aspect. But this shadow aspect you think is evil is a part of you. Whether you suppress it, ignore it or don’t even think about it, it’s working within you.

And it’s evil only because you are making it evil, otherwise it’s a set of characteristics you can use it for both, good and evil. Let’s take the example of the corporate man. The set of characteristics here are success, driven and motivated, unless you embrace your shadow self you’ll lack these characteristics and blame the people you project your shadow aspect.

3. Discover and act on your purpose.

We have a purpose within us. The purpose, unlike what many people believe, is not a clear and exact thing. It’s more of a nudge toward certain things, certain passions. The connection between these passions can be defined as the essence of your purpose.

Another thing, your purpose grows. Some of the things that you were passionate about might stop being passionate. Some things you have just tried might become your new passion. You should be ok with your passions changing and your purpose growing.

Follow your passions but do not get attached to them. As the world changes so do our passions. As we evolve so do our passions. As our purpose grows so do our passions. You should be able to try new interests and discover new things about yourself.

By opening and unlocking more aspects of yourself you are getting closer and closer to the essence of your purpose. Because following your purpose means discovering the whole palette of your passions and integrating them into your lifestyle.

As you do this you will get a clearer and clearer sense of your purpose. You might even get a clear idea about what your purpose is. And you should follow it. Just remember that what you define as your purpose might change because your purpose is beyond definition.

Embracing the part of you that’s inside the cave you most fear to enter, accepting the part of you that has become your shadow self, and actively following your purpose is how you transform into a Superhuman.