7 Ways To Raise Your Vibration And Eliminate What Blocks Your Abundance


Our world is currently undergoing an energetic shift that leads us to become new beings, more conscious of our true selves and our way of living.

Because we’re still in the beginning stages of this shift, nothing can guide us more accurately than our inner guidance.

This can often be seen as having the urge to retreat and recalibrate yourself because the fears of not doing enough or not making money are starting to haunt you.

You may feel uncomfortable, but you have to face your own shadows as an integral part of going with the shift.

You need to get past the blockages and claim abundance to be able to fully give the gift that you have for humanity.

To be able to do this you need to face your inner shadows and remove inner blockages. Abundance is all about releasing your fears and raising your vibration.

When your vibration is functioning at its best, you see past the fears and have everything that you need in this lifetime.

7 Ways To Raise Your Vibration By EliminatingĀ Your Abundance Blocks:ways-to-raise-your-vibration-eliminate-what-blocks-abundance

1. State clearly what you want.

The Universe will only give you what you want if you’re clear about it.

If you’re not clear about what you want, The Universe responds to that same vibration, and that’s the main reason why so many people can’t have what they specifically want.

Be positive and present as you send your desires to The Universe.

2. Use visualization techniques.

Visualize yourself to be in a place where all your needs are met.

See yourself sharing what you have with others, exchanging your energies, and basking in abundanceĀ on a day to day basis.

By visualizing your desires you are showing yourself that you are abundant enough to see your desires.

3. Release yourself from self limiting beliefs.

Most of our negative or self limiting beliefs are passed on to us by our parents who were also unaware of what they were doing. Dig into your inner self and look for the self limiting beliefs that are hiding somewhere.

Cut the ties by writing to your parents or the person who inculcated in your mind those beliefs. Tell them you’re cutting off the tie from them.

Specify how it affected you and why you want to release yourself from that belief.

4. Practice meditation.

A meditationĀ practice helps clarify your thoughts. Through it, you’re able to distinguish the negative from the positive thoughts.

Whenever a fearful thought pops up, meditation helps you to become aware that it’s only a thought and not a reality. And that you have the power to choose whether you continue to believe in it or not.

Changing the flow of your thought is possible as you progress in your meditation practice.

5. Be willing to take a risk.

The key to living a conscious existence is by following what your soul longs to do. Usually, this is an area that is unfamiliar to you.

Go beyond your comfort zone and explore other areas of your life or other ideas that you feel where your soul truly fits in whether it’s a teaching endeavor or artistic pursuits.

Join others who do the same thing. You don’t have to do it quickly. Do it gradually until you stabilize yourself in that area.

6. Get a formal training.

If changing your perspective is a struggle to you, you can opt for intensive thought reprogramming, like hypnotherapy or neuro linguistic programming.

These pieces of training can help you create new associations in your brain and eliminate the old thought patterns.

Finding someone who can energetically remove your blocks is always a smart thing as they are professionals in that aspect of healing.

7. Seek higher guidance.

Each of us is being being helped by a spirit guide, some call them guardian angels and higher beings. Seek out their help and ask them to show you the right way.

You can ask the Divine or God or The Universe for assistance in your journey. Connect to the light every morning and feel this light in your heart.

Express gratitude before bed and after you wake up to open your heart and raise your vibration. Being grateful is probably the best thing you can do to remove blocks.