THIS is How Enlightened Families Argue on Holidays!


It’s that time of the year again. Families gather together, be that on Thanksgiving or Christmas, to hit your Ego like a punching bag.

For some people these kind of gatherings are hell. You meet relatives who grew eons ago and cannot comprehend the society today, family members who care for nothing else but whether or not you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and if you start speaking about something more deep and spiritual… prepare to be looked at as an alien.

However, this video shows something else. This is how enlightened families argue and it is not what you’d expect.

Even though it’s about comedy, this video brings up an interesting point of view.

Maybe it is not about how enlightened you are, maybe it’s just about not being an asshole and having compassion for others.

Sometimes we do not realize that no matter how “enlightened” and spiritual we become we may still be the same judgmental fools, just with different information arsenal our ego uses to defend itself from being hurt.

Now, don’t get me wrong, your ego is not something to throw away, but be aware that it’s not always about you.

Just be kind to others and don’t be an asshole.

Happy Holidays!

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