How to Train YOUR “Dragon” in 7 Unusual Steps ?


Of course, we are not talking about real dragons.. or do we? (Twilight theme starts playing)

You are a HERO, I have no doubt in that. However, like every HERO you must know how to train your “Dragon” and tame that beast.

To understand what we speak of when we speak of “dragons” first you must read this Epic Legend.


This Epic Legend

Mother Nature And Father SourceEach of us is made of 2 essential sides, a mother and a father.

Our mother is Nature and our father is Source and they have UNITED through a union of LOVE to create us.

As they united, their child was scattered through the dimensions.

This resulted in The Four Pillars each and every single one of us has.

Four ElementsThese are The Spirit, The Mind, The Body and The Heart and inside all of them the purest form of YOU exists, your SOUL.

The Soul is the purest form created by your mother’s and father’s love and union.

Yin YangHowever, your Soul is also balanced between 2 forces, darkness and light.

YOU are not your soul, nor spirit, nor body.. YOU are all of them and what determines the kind of person you’ll be is the balance you create, the harmony between all of these sides of yourself.

The interaction between your soul and the pillars has enabled us to create our own energy and choose our own path in life.

These 2 abilities, to create our own energy and to choose our own path represent the dragon and the dragon rider.

The Dragon

Dragon and Dragon riderEach of us has a dragon inside and each of us is a potential dragon rider. All you need to do is learn how to train your dragon and, of course, train it.

The dragon will give you the energy you need to fly and go wherever you want to go, to defeat all evil you need to defeat and make all your most beautiful dreams come true.

However, this dragon needs a Dragon Rider, someone who will control it and give it purpose. The dragon needs someone who it will honor and love and listen to.

The dragon needs a dragon rider as much as every dragon rider needs their dragon.

To become worthy as a dragon rider you need to dive a little deeper inside your soul.


How to Become a Dragon Rider?

Remember what I said above, that our soul is also balanced between 2 sides, light and darkness? You need to dive between them, into the nexus point which unites those 2 omnipotent forces.

Once you dive that deep inside yourself you will discover that the tiny, bright spark which unites the darkness and the light, that’s the TRUE YOU. That’s your own creation.

The Tiny, Bright Spark

That tiny, bright spark is your own freedom, your own point of view and understanding of The Universe, the essence of your own Universe.

The Spark of Your HumanityInside that spark you will discover your TRUE PURPOSE. There you will find what’s worth living for and most importantly, what’s worth dying for. That tiny, bright spark is the essence of HUMANITY, the essence of your own humanity and what you FEEL is right, fair and meaningful.

That’s the most beautiful place in The Universe for YOU, that’s the center of The Universe for you. That’s your home, the place in the midst of darkness and light.

There you will find your dreams. Once you discover your dreams you know where to fly your dragon, you have a purpose and a map.

However, there is another “little” thing..

…you need to do first to become worthy of the “Dragon Rider” title and here is where most people back down.

Between Ying and YangYou need to unify your darkness and light. You need to make them stop fighting and LOVE each other.

There is wrong in the light as much as there is wrong in the darkness, but focusing on the right in both of them will make you SEE that they belong to each other.

You need to make A WHOLE of both opposites through their righteous parts. Make them realize and most importantly, make yourself realize that both of them are not opposite, they are only reflective of each other.

They are forged in the nexus of YOUR Universe, in YOUR Essence. That’s the point where they are united.

Once you UNDERSTAND this, you will know that all of them serve a greater purpose, you all serve YOU. Your mission is to make your dreams come true.

Once you realize this, your darkness and your light will stop fighting and instead work together to honor the greater purpose they serve.

They will create a new whole which is empowered by your TRUE LIGHT. This is how you are becoming a dragon rider, by having a purpose and becoming a whole.


The Variety of Dragons

Variety of DragonsOnce you become a Dragon Rider it is time to train your dragon.

Each dragon is different. Your dragon has something no other dragon has and you need to find this uniqueness. That’s your superpower, your talent.

Be aware that each dragon is different. Some are fast and fiery while others are lazy and cold.

However, every dragon has weaknesses and strengths and you need to learn how to work with your dragon’s strengths. That’s the essence of Dragon Training.

What “Dragon” Really Means?

PassionNow is the time to explain again what I mean by saying “dragon”. It’s your Energy, your Life Force, Chi, Emotions, or like we address it, Dragon.

You have noticed when you get inspired, or excited, or even angry, the fire burning deep inside of you. That inner energy which drives you, that’s your dragon flying and all it needs is a dragon rider to control it.

If you are not aware of the energy or have no idea how to control it you will come to realize that it will “fly” you places you don’t want to be at.

That’s why you need to learn how to train your dragon, to be able to “fly” it to places where you WANT to be at.

So Let’s Begin.


How to Train Your Dragon?

Training your dragon is basically becoming aware of your energy and its triggers. Once you are aware of them you train to get a hold of them and take control.

1. Get to know your Dragon

Get to Know your DragonLike I’ve said, each dragon is different. You must recall the times when you were inspired, excited, when you felt passion for something or got angry, mad.. try to remember what were your triggers.

Try to remember the intensity of your emotions. Were they short and powerful or did they last longer and were less intense?

Make a list of all the triggers you can think of and describe your temperament.

When you finish try to remember what inspires you, what makes you feel alive, what’s your passion, what you enjoy doing, what gives you pleasure. These are all triggers. Write them down.

Read the list you have and I guarantee you’ll remember something else you forgot to write. Write it down. It doesn’t matter if it sounds crazy, if it’s a TV show or a delicious chocolate cake, if it raises your energy it’s a trigger.

Now you have the list of your positive triggers and a description of your temperament. That’s the basic look of your Dragon.

2. Put yourself consciously in a position where your Dragon will be triggered

Trigger Your DragonNow you need to put yourself, consciously – that’s very important – in a position where your dragon will be triggered.

You need to consciously do something from your list to raise your energy.

3. Ride the beast for the first time

FlyOnce you feel that fire burning inside of you, that’s your dragon waking up. Take it for a “test drive”.

Consciously use that energy to create something which will bring you closer to your dreams.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby step or a micro step, what matters is to spend that energy on the direction YOU choose to.

It will be hard to keep focus at first depending on your temperament but you must tame that beast.

If you feel your energy starts to drop trigger it again with something from your list. Just be careful to not over do this because sooner or later your Dragon gets tired and the triggers work with less intensity, some of them may not work at all.

4. Feed it, nurture it and let it rest

Take RestAfter you took your first flight it is time to feed you Dragon. Do something you TRULY feel like doing. Reward yourself with something without thinking too much. Meditate, cool down.

You may not have done a lot but “flying” your Dragon is truly tiring for your whole being, so do not neglect the fact that you feel tired. Take a rest. Nap. Take a day off if you need to.

5. The Dark Side of Your Dragon – You must not give in

Dark SideTHIS IS THE KEY! After you take your first conscious “flight” your “Dragon” will show its dark sides. YOU MUST BE AWARE!

I am going to explain how buddy, do not worry.

Every time we consciously try to raise our energy, to create a positive energy, a contra effect is set in motion. This is because of our emotional baggage, our “Dragon’s Dark Side”.

Our hormones maintain a balance. If we felt a certain way and suddenly disrupted the balance of our default frequency our hormones will try to rebalance the system to its default state. No matter if we felt positive energy and happiness.

This happens when we are not aware. It’s usually after we take a rest. It will seem that something happens but it’s actually your perception that’s seeing through pessimistic “glasses”.

Make yourself aware of this. Take a step back every time you feel negative emotions and ask yourself “Why am I feeling like this?”

Calm down. Meditate. Watch something funny. You may feel that nothing can help but you are wrong. Read the list with positive triggers and notice if reading some of them makes you feel good.

This is The Dark Side of Your Dragon and once you learn to control it the beast will be tamed.

A True Dragon Rider knows how to use the fire but also knows how to melt the ice.

You may be stuck on step 5 for a while and that’s fine. Mastering the circle of steps 1 to 5 is the right thing to do. That’s how you master “flying” your “Dragon”.

However, as time goes by you will want to advance with training your “Dragon”. The next 2 steps are for transcending the dragon rider and the dragon into a new level and escaping the 1 to 5 circle.

Whenever you feel ready, try step 6.


6. Understand the negative triggers

Get rid of your TriggersWe all have an emotional baggage. Those are our shadows, things we run away from and try not to experience. Those are our Dragon’s Negative Triggers.

Try to recall all of your negative triggers and make a list just like in the first step.

Now you must question all of your triggers. Why do they make you feel bad, what’s their deeper meaning, what are you really running away from?

Become aware of the core of all your fears and negative triggers. What is that you are really running away from?

This is probably the toughest step. It’s not easy to face your own demons and it’s even harder to stop resisting them, to surrender.

You came this far, your “Dragon” needs you to do this.

Ask yourself “When was the first time I felt like that?”, when was the first time you felt like when some negative trigger makes you feel bad?

The answer may come like a memory, image, information, even a single word which you have associated with the scene when you first felt like that.

Close your eyes and consciously recreate that scene in your imagination. The scene may be the same but now you have the control.

Try to speak to whoever wronged you as the adult you are now and try to forgive them and most importantly, yourself. Cheer yourself up in your imagination.

Forgive and let go, this is key.

This is a hard process but you can take it slowly. Do this for every negative trigger.

Getting rid of the core of some negative triggers may automatically erase other negative triggers.

Be aware that as much as you get rid of negative triggers as much positive triggers will also be removed. Don’t panic buddy, this is alright.

You will also notice that your default state will drastically improve. You will be a happier person.

Triggers, no matter if positive or negative, are counter balancing themselves and this weighs down your default state of being.

Once you are rid of the weights that weigh you down you will become the happy kid you were meant to be. The happy kid you buried in all that emotional baggage.

7. Become one with your Dragon

Become One with Your DragonOnce you are rid of all your triggers you and your Dragon will become one. This comes Naturally as you’ll reach your highest frequency.

There will be no more triggers, your “Dragon” will be always “flying” and you will always be in control of where you want to “fly” your “Dragon”.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel bad from time to time. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get numb on happiness either. It simply means that you will let go of controlling what you feel.

If you watch a sad movie you will cry and if a song starts playing on a radio you will dance.

This is how you truly grow and become stronger, by experiencing reality as it is without masking anything of it. You will be YOU, the purest essence of your Soul.

The purpose however, will stay. It will always be what gives wind to your sails. You will not run away from anything, you will simply follow a deeper calling you need to fulfill and experience life to the fullest.

The “Dragon” will not need to be controlled anymore as the purpose of the dragon rider is now a part of it. The dragon rider will not need to control the “Dragon” anymore as its wings will become a part of the dragon rider.

That’s how the dragon rider and the “Dragon” evolve, by uniting and becoming one. The POWER of being united is immeasurable.


To Conclude

How to Train YOUR Dragon in 7 Simple StepsBeing aware or not you are a dragon rider and you have a “Dragon”. It’s up to you what kind of dragon rider you will be.

If you want to take control of your “Dragon” and learn how to train it first you must become a worthy dragon rider. Only after you are certain of your purpose you will be able to train it.

When you start training your “Dragon” you will come to step 5 and you will spend a while until you are ready to transcend. Do not worry, even if you choose not to transcend you will still be able to fulfill your dreams.

It will seem to you that you are losing your humanity if you get rid of your triggers but that’s only fear talking. In fact, getting rid of your triggers is becoming more “Human” than you have ever been.

Just do not force yourself to do anything if it doesn’t resonate with you. Do what you truly feel like doing.

In the end is not about how powerful your “Dragon” is or how much you’ve trained it. In the end is about remaining true to yourself, experiencing life, creating love, having fun and following your purpose.

I would LOVE to read your thoughts on this article. Maybe you have something to add up, maybe you did not understand what I tried to express, write down in the comments and I’ll explain everything you need explaining.

Even if you want to share your thoughts, understand that your opinion may change someone’s life. That’s why I have created this website.

And also, a share benefits me A LOT! 😉

Until next time my fellow dragon rider.

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