THIS is The Secret to WIN at LIFE: Go into The EYE of The Storm!


The stormThere is a storm! A storm unlike any other! Every place the storm passed through is left a wasteland. It knows no mercy and it breaks apart anything it touches.

We are all afraid of this storm and everyone in their right mind should be afraid.

What you love, what you hate, what you know, what you are, everything you have will be destroyed if the storm catches up to you.

Running away of the stormThat’s why we are running away! Running, like mad dogs, just to be as further away as we can from the storm.

But wherever we go, as fast as we run, the storm is always behind our back, breathing in our neck.

We must run away! We cannot stop! We mustn’t stop! Your sub consciousness is screaming those words to YOU!

So you keep on running. You keep on searching for a safe place in this world you’ll call home. A home where you’ll be safe from this storm.

There is no such place..

Nowhere is safe from the storm. Wherever you go, wherever you run away to hide, the storm will find you! It will break apart everything you love!

No one can run away! You cannot run away!

Go into the eye of stormHowever, you can run into.. you can run into this storm.

Yes! I am asking from you to not be in your right mind. I am asking from you to do the one thing that seems craziest! I am asking from you to do the one thing everyone running away from the storm is most afraid of.. stop running.

“But the ones I love, the things I have, the treasures I’ve collected running away.. I am just getting good at running..”


face the stormStop listening to your fears! Stop listening to what your doubts scream to your ears. Stop listening and feel.

Feel your fear. Feel your instinct trying to turn your attention away from the storm. Feel your mind screaming to you to start running away. Feel your darkness. Feel your light. Feel your emotions burning. Feel everything.

Bath in that feeling.

This is the storm catching up to you.

As close as it comes as strong urge to start running you’ll have. The emotions will become more and more chaotic, the fears and doubts inside your mind will start screaming louder and louder, the darkness and light will crash each other in and out of existence.

Panic Atack 1The storm will come close, closer than you ever thought you’ll be.

You must not turn away now. You must be courageous! You must go into the eye of the storm!

In the storm live your greatest enemies, your greatest fears, traumas, your suppressed memories, the worst sadness you’ve felt in your life, the greatest hurts, your losses, the unfairness.

demonsAll of these inner demons will rise to hunt you. They’ll first start to be visible, you’ll feel them, you will want to scream but you will be unable to move.

Hell will rise and surround you. You will feel like inside your worst panic attack unable to do anything. You will try to resist the storm with every fiber of your being. But don’t!

Stop resisting and keep moving deeper inside.

Let those demons surround you.

Look them in their ugly eyes and embrace them. Keep moving.

Let go of everything else. Just be. Be YOU and keep going.

Panic AtackYour fears and doubts will scream for you to stop but keep diving deeper.

HellEarth will shake, fire will burn, the sky will tremble and waves will crash from every direction but don’t you stop.

Keep going! Stop resisting and keep going!

Surrender to the storm and keep going!

Keep going!

Stop resisting the storm, embrace it, surrender..

Two hands preserve a green tree against a thunder-stormSuddenly the voices will start to fade. The burning of hurt will distinguish. The demons will seize to exist.

calmnessIn the eye of the storm you will find a calmness. A peace unlike any other. True peace.

In the midst of that storm you will find a place where the sky is visible and the sun shines. You will find the most pleasant warmth. You will find the truest happiness.

There will be no voices, no darkness, no light, no demons, no traumas and negativity. Just calmness.

For the first time in a VERY LONG TIME you will stop. You will rest. There will be no need of running away from anything anymore.

For the first time in a very long time you will feel safe. You will be HOME.

In the eye of the storm you will find the child you’ve lost. In the eye of the storm you will find yourself.

The kid

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<Don’t run away, don’t resist, just be>