These 6 Activities Will Boost Your Mood And Make You Fit


Abs Exercises


This muscle group is one of the most famous ones because it gives you the look you want, 6 perfectly visible cubes on your stomach. The fit measurement some may say, if you have a 6 pack you are in a great shape. This muscle group also gives you a serotonin boost when exercised. The brain creates serotonin and improves his mental abilities. Abs help the body to gain its strong posture and become more flexible. They protect your internal organs and improve your digestion. Exercise this muscle group and get sexier, happier and stronger.


Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing

Have you ever asked yourself why people always refer to success as “climbing the top”? Well despite the metaphor, when you climb any mountain top, even the smallest, you realize something, you feel something. You learn how to push yourself through tough places in order to get to the ones that will give you happiness. When you climb the top you will feel a rush of happiness, you will breathe clean air and enjoy nature. It is also a good exercise for the whole body. So, when your free time shows in your schedule, sacrifice some for this activity, it will teach you a unique lesson and give you a good amount of serotonin.