This is The Feeling You Get when You Face Your Fears!


No matter who you are, you are afraid of something. We all are!

Fear is not something you get over and then become immune to it. Fear is simply the unknown behind the borders of comfort.

No matter how much we escape our comfort zone, sooner or later we become comfortable again, it is our Nature.

If you are comfortable you are afraid of something outside of the comfort zone, even if it is simply the thought of being in an uncomfortable situation.

To be afraid it’s ok.

It is normal. It is a sign that we still love something, that we still have a purpose.

However, what’s not ok is to let fear control you. It is not ok to let fear stop you from doing what you love. It is not ok to miss on all the beauty life has to offer just because you are afraid.

By the way, the feeling you get when you face your fears is priceless.

Facing fear should be something on your daily schedule, just before eating breakfast or checking emails.

Every time you face fear you earn confidence points. Facing fear on regular basis gives us strong self confidence and self confidence literally shapes your reality.

Despite the self confidence,

facing fear gives us that feeling of freedom, happiness and excitement. That feeling when we want to dance, jump and laugh until our abs hurt.

It is one of the most priceless feelings that humans have ever encountered. It fills us with life, energy, vitality, it makes us look young and feel like superheroes.

If you don’t know what this feeling looks like watch the badass grandma in the video bellow.

Grandma Ria, aged 78, had never travelled on an airplane before. So before her first flight ever, to beat her fear she took to the sky on a rollercoaster.

The feeling you get when you face your fears is priceless!

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<Make facing fear a part of your daily schedule>