What is Karma and How It Works ?


“Karma”, the word means “action”; “deed”; “work”; Karma is a principle of Causality where intent and actions of an individual influence The Future of That Individual. But there is something deeper to it, what is Karma, how it works, why does it work, who invented it, why…..

Some even believe that, by the law of Karma, if someone does good deeds in his life he will be reborn as something awesome while if he does bad things he will be reborn into something like a boring fly (Hitler is probably a tampon).

In some cultures Karma is considered transferrable. If the parents did something wrong the children would carry that Karma since they are born. However, let’s try to see this through scientific prism. We all know the Newton’s laws.


Newton’s Third Law

Causality BallsHis third law says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” But what is action, really?

The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim, is what we call an “Action”. What is reaction?

An action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event is what we call a “Reaction”. What’s the difference between the both?


The Difference Between Action and Reaction

Action vs. ReactionAs you can see to take an action it is necessary to have a predetermined aim, to know your intentions for doing the thing you are doing.

For a reaction it is necessary to have a situation or an event, something we will have a response to.

In other words, being active means to take the wheel in your hands and become aware and responsible where you aim to go; being reactive means to be influenced by things you don’t control taking an unaware act as a response.


Is Everything Already Predetermined?

Everything PredeterminedIf we think a little, by logic, everywhere and always everything is constantly moving, everything is taking a sort of action/reaction infinite process; nothing is truly static, everything is vibrating.

Knowing this we would probably ask ourselves Is Everything Already Predetermined, like a domino effect?

No and Yes! It’s like this, if you become aware of the now, you are free to change towards any possible future but if you remain on “autopilot” the dominos will keep falling for you the way they were put.

However, to successfully achieve the future you desire you must rearrange your “dominos” but always get back to the flow. Let the dominos fall. Create their path, but let them fall by themselves.