What is Karma and How It Works ?



Karma as a Neutral

Good vs. BadEverything you do consciously is taking an action. Karma is just the consequence of the action you take, the feedback of reality. There is no good or bad.

“Nature doesn’t care about good or bad, Nature only cares about balance and imbalance”

The only ones who care about good or bad are humans, as far as we know. We have created that concept.

Making a conscious act of something we find bad will make us subconsciously choose a set of acts (reactions) that will punish us the way we deserve. The one who actually punishes us is Us.

In Nature, if something disturbs the harmony and the flow of energy Nature finds a way, usually by Natural Selection, to restore the balance even if that means getting rid of the disturber/s. That’s a law like Gravity.

It’s the same in The Nature We Have Created. Our Inner World works by a set of laws, believes we have installed to give meaning to things.


The Forces of Our Inner World

Inner WorldIf something interacts with our reality it interacts with our beliefs and we respond to it according to them. Just like if you throw a ball it will fall down, if you see a black cat and believe it is a bad luck you’ll react accordingly.

Karma is a connection between our own laws with the Outer Laws; the action/reaction law with our beliefs.

To live a life with good Karma all you need to do is be authentic to your own beliefs no matter what they are. If you act as you truly intent, if your intentions are based on positive energy your Karma will reward you with positive reaction – Whatever Positive Means for You.

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<Karma is the consequence of causality, it is neutral and a punishment/reward of our own subconscious judgment>