What is The Biggest Thing ?


They say that if we go up in space and observe The Globe the way we perceive our world will change. This is because we see Earth as it really is, borderless. The act of seeing something so big appear so small makes us realize how tiny we actually are. But speaking of size, what is the biggest thing there is?

First of all, let’s understand what size means. The relative extent of something is what we call “Size”.

“Relative” means that the thing we measure is compared to something else therefore if there are no other things to compare with the term “Size” wouldn’t exist; it would not have any Meaning Attached to It.

Comparing Objects-Opposites Page (Example)However, being the complicated beings we are we tend to simplify other things. We invented, and still invent, different categories and elements which are members in those certain categories.

We have done this so we would ease our job to learn, use and remember. When we stumble upon something new we almost unknowingly assign it to the most fitting category depending on its attributes. To do this we need to compare.

We compare an object, sometimes even a subject, by certain aspects including impact and size.

When we speak of how big something is both aspects may give us the answer because sometimes even something small can have a big impact on our lives and we address it as a big thing for us.

Elephant vs AntBut, when we look into what determines “what is big” we see that it actually depends on the size of the observer. Something big for the ant is pretty small for the elephant, however that thing could have a bigger meaning for the elephant than the ant.

Size is relative but what we always take in consideration when we answer “what is big?” is the impact that thing has on us.

Scientifically speaking, we measure size by certain measurements like meters, nanometers, miles, kilometers, sometimes we take even other objects like The Earth or our Galaxy…..

The smallest thing we know of is Neutrino, by new discoveries it may actually be the Higgs Boson. The biggest thing we know of is, well….. The Observable Universe.

Sliding from the smallest to the biggest known thing we realize that we can always go deeper and discover smaller and bigger things.

The Universe is always expanding and even if the biggest thing is The Universe, there are probably other universes we can compare it with and we’ll never know How Many Multiverses There are.

Big vs SmallThe concept of “big” and “small” we installed in our minds is actually false. There are no big or small things there are just bigger and smaller. There is no ultimate because we live in the infinite. The ultimate exists only in our minds – the place where we compare all of the things.

This means that At The End of The Day, the size of the thing we compare is not as important as the impact that thing has for us, individually.