Bored while Running ? – 6 Ways to Make Your Running Fun


If you tried running but you cannot feel the beauty of it, if you feel bored while running, you are in the right place.

As you know by now I am a Life Coach who is in love with Running. I run 5 times a week and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong when I say There is No Better Activity a Human Can Do than Running?

However, I wasn’t born with the love to run, oh no. Running was pretty boring at the beginning but then something happened. I discovered something fun about running and I’ll tell you a couple of ways how you can make your running fun.


Free Yourself

Free Yourself while RunningEverything is in the mindset you approach running with. If you think of it as something torturing it will be exactly that.

However, if you approach running with a different mindset it will become whatever you believe it is; whatever it represents for you.

You can make running your escape from your everyday life. You can become so free while running that you will countdown the minutes to your next run.

See running as your sanctuary. Make running your happy hour. There is nothing wrong or right while running, let running be your play.

“Not always things that are good for you feel good to you”

Listen to Movie Music

Power of MusicThis one is simple but maybe the most effective change you can make. Download movie music and start listening while running.

I know that you are probably used to listening famous songs but believe me when I say, music from your favorite movie or your favorite action scene is a legal doping.

You cannot believe the energy you’ll get from simply updating your playlist with movie OST.

The fun part is when you start replaying your favorite movie in your head. The song will probably not be over when your run does. You’ll want more.

“Music is a legal drug that gives us a glimpse of our infinite potential”

Think about Problems

Think about ProblemsYou probably think “How is thinking on my problems more fun?” You are right, it isn’t.

But finding solutions however, is something you’ll be unable to get enough of.

You’ll thank running after every run because Running will Solve All of Your Problems. How?

When you think about a problem while you run and focus all of your thoughts to circle around the same problem, you’ll find solutions that you would have never thought of. This is because running clears and opens your mind to connect a lot more dots than it normally does.

“Connecting things no one else have connected is the key of creativity; any problem can be solved by a certain amount of creativity”

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Count SomethingHave you ever wondered how many cars pass you by or how many trees you pass by while you run?

Probably not. But, keeping your mind busy is essential to stop being bored while running.

There are actually a lot fun things you can count while running. Steps, miles and breaths that’s easy and quite boring to count. Effective, but boring.

Holes in the ground, birds and other animals are pretty fun. You can count the times someone says love in the songs you are listening to (or any other cliché word) Just be creative think of something that’s fun for you. There are a lot more things to count than you are aware of.

“Counting is to the mind what sharpener is to the pencil”


Sunrise running womanDo you think it is possible to meditate while running? I know you think yes because it is a cliché to ask something unexpected and then answer with yes.

Be that as it may, you are right. It is possible. Meditation is not achieved only by sitting on the ground with your legs crossed.

Meditation is the practice of exploring your Inner World and it can be achieved whenever and wherever you tune to that frequency.

All you need to do is free yourself from distractions and focus on your feelings instead of your thoughts. Leave the rest to yourself. If you manage to do this your runs can be a lot of fun.

“Meditation is a journey into yourself”

Create Mini-Games

Create Mini-GameWith all of the options we have these days, entertainment, social media, video games, alcohol, drugs, going out, school, work….. we forget about the good old fashioned playtime.

We never play anymore. All we do is get entertained by other pointless things. We stopped creating our own games, the ones that gave us the most fun.

You are probably busy throughout the day to go out and play but you can always make running your playtime.

Create a game with checkpoints. Set different parts of your running track as your checkpoints and start collecting them. You can even set a time goal and try to beat your past records. If the track becomes boring you can always rearrange the checkpoints and create a whole new way for you to run.

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“Playing is far more important than work”


<If your runs are boring try to make them something beautiful only for you, listen to movie music, think about a problem you have, count something, meditate or create mini-games>