Oscar Wilde: “Most People Exist, That is All”


Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish writer and poet. He became one of the London’s most popular playwrights at 1890’s. He was imprisoned being convicted of sodomy.

Wilde served his two years in prison and then spent the last three years of his life in exile. He died at the age of 45 and was buried in Paris. He is most remembered by his only novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and his satirical statements.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

What did he try to say with this quote? We all know that he says to find meaning in our lives but what does that mean? What does finding a meaning means?

Survive OnlyAs we grow old we get lost in the system of life we’ve created. We start going to school from a young age.

As time goes by we continue our education so we can have a decent job. When we grow into adults and finish our education, we take a decent job and we work our a**es off to secure our hardly earned position.

Years after working hard we create a family and we continue with our hard work just so our kids can get as great education as we did.

In a blink of an eye we are ready to retire; our kids are all grown up and leave home continuing with the process; we acquire pension and we are finished with this process of securing our life; For What?

What are we left with after all of this except experience on the things we didn’t even love doing that much?

Working Our Whole LifeThe paradox in all this is that we dedicate our whole life to make sure we, and our whole family, will live a safe life and be able to dedicate their whole life to make sure their family will live a safe life and so on. What’s wrong with this process?

We live in a constant fear. As much as we don’t want to agree, the evidence is here. Look at it! It’s in front of you! Aren’t you a little mad? Why don’t you scream from the bottom of your heart in frustration? You waste your life on pointless things that fear orders you to do.

Being AfraidBreak free from this chains buddy! Look fear in the eyes! Doesn’t this make you so angry that you want your fear to be afraid of you?! But don’t!

You Cannot Fight Fear with Fear. Fear is fought with courage; by facing it. After it does its little tricks to scare you just say “It’s ok buddy. I know you are more afraid than me”.

Get to the other side of fear and you’ll see that it is just love turned upside down. Free your fear!

Only by freeing our fear and letting go we can do the things that we truly want to do.

The Cave You Fear to EnterThe greatest treasures hide in the cave we fear to enter because they are on the other side of fear; they are what we love and what we love is our greatest treasure. If you enter the cave you fear you bypass fear with courage and therefore get to the other side.

Forget everything. Find Your Life’s Purpose, discover your passions and talents; listen to what your heart has to say and just let go of the limits fear chained you with. Start doing all of those things; that’s how you bypass fear.

If fear says but how will we earn money to survive laugh at it. Say “not by being afraid!”

If fear says but you cannot be a painter, you cannot support a family with that salary, say “watch me!” and die trying if you need to, to prove it wrong! It is better to die while trying to live than die while never living at all.

Those who are brave die only once but those who are cowards die multiple times through their life.

Have FunDon’t take life too seriously. There is no point in being serious, there is nothing happy, nor responsible, nor spiritual about seriousness. Life is fun, life is joy and playfulness, and anyone who says differently is more miserable than you are.

If you think being serious about some problem makes you worthy of its importance you are gravely lying to yourself. You can be laughing and joking about a problem and always find finer solutions than being serious because you don’t limit your imagination.

“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.” – Oscar Wilde

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The worthiness of a man comes from honoring something bigger than the problem itself. The strength of a man comes from being strong enough not to take things seriously but in the same time understand their importance. The greatness of a man comes from remaining a humble human through all of this.

Our LightThe only reason why we are serious is because we are afraid that we are not strong enough to laugh about a problem and solve it.

The only reason why we think we are not strong enough is because we doubt ourselves.

We doubt ourselves because we are afraid to find out how great we can truly be.

It’s our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Don’t ask yourself “Who am I to be great?”, instead ask yourself “Who am I not to be great?!”

The UniverseThe thing is, You live on a giant rock spinning around a star. You are a product of process longer than 3,7 billion years. You are made of 99,9% empty space. You are able to see and hear less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. You will never be able to meet all the people or go to every city or hear every song or watch every movie or read every book or learn everything there is. So relax. What’s the point in being serious?

We all live in middle of ever expanding chaos but our greatness comes exactly through this.

Find LoveIn the midst of all that chaos we are able to Find Meaning to Our Life and live following it. That’s what Oscar Wilde meant with his quote.

You are never safe! Safety, like fear is just an illusion. Don’t be just a part of the chaos, try to find peace, joy and fun in the midst of it.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

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