New Year Resolutions And How To Get Ready?


How To Succeed In Applying Your New Year Resolutions?

The first 60% are knowing, and yes you need to know a lot to make something with quality. But, the other 40%, the other, smaller part is the hardest and most important one. Planning without taking action is daydreaming.

Set time and date. Write the exact day and time period when you are going to apply the resolution. There are resolutions, like getting in shape that require a lot of time. Remember that the resolution is not a goal it is a rule and getting in shape is a rule that you’ll live by until that rule improves, like staying in shape.

Decide when exactly you’re going to work out. The exact time and date when you will go to the gym, or take a run or anything that you decide will help you get in shape. Set the dates when are you going to the gym for the whole month and do this every month for the next one. You will be amazed how much this will push you.

Break down your resolution to the smallest part in which you are able to set time and date. If your resolution is something like, quitting smoking than you need to choose a strategy how you will achieve that and apply little steps. Decide the exact time when they are going to take action.

Let’s say that you light a cigarette every time you have a break on work. Find something that will switch your cigarette to something that benefits you more and you also enjoy. Find this periods when you light a cigarette and switch them with anything that you think will help.

After setting the time and date you need to set your mind. When we plan on starting something new or make a change in our lifestyle, our mind creates tension. It is a self-defense mechanism that keeps our safe zone, safe.

This tension makes us feel uncomfortable because we are exiting our safe zone and heading somewhere that we have never been before. It is something like water sliding.

Imagine how you feel when you go on a giant water slide, while you are climbing the stairs to the top. You feel tension, stress, adrenaline. That part is the hardest, when you see how tall the water slide is from the top and all of your body senses tell you to back down. What do you do?

You just let go and slide, some of you say YOLO. The same thing goes with life, you just need to let go and “slide” into your new lifestyle and like the water slide, once you slide, everything seems normal again. The hardest part in many situations in life is that taking action moment.

Statistics have shown that for more people it’s harder to get up and go to the gym than the exercises they are doing in the gym. It is the human mind that creates these feelings, but once you let go and just “slide” you will see how easier it gets every time you get back up.

If you just let go and accept that from now on this thing that you are about to do is going to become your habit and not something that you will do just this once, your mind will slowly start to accept your demand.

It is not easy or hard, it is how you see “the new way”. If you are willing to “slide” so you will achieve your perfect life, than you will slide in spite of your feelings. It is your will and discipline which will push you.

Set the time and date, and your mind into action and you will be 99% ready. That 1% is your will and only you know how strong it is. With strong enough “Wind in Your Ship”, 1% will “sail” you anywhere!

After you are ready with your New Year Resolutions it is wise to organize your whole year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking to make every little thing predetermined but you need to have at least some frame where you will “paint your picture”.