New Year Resolutions And How To Get Ready?


How To Choose Your New Year Resolutions Smart?

First you need to know what you want to improve in your life. You need to sit down, pick a list and a pen and write everything, I mean everything that you can think of that you don’t like in your life.

This can range from how you look to where you work. Everything that comes on your mind that keeps you from achieving your perfect life needs to be written on that paper.

Now you need to turn that list, or pick a new one and write everything that you enjoy in your life in this period. After you are done rate the things that you want to change and the ones that you want to keep. Rate them from most important ones to ones that are most relevant.

Pick a new list and describe your perfect life. Every little part you can fantasize about your ideal lifestyle. Compare the list with the one that shows the things you enjoy and see if there is something from the things you enjoy that can be improved to become something from your perfect life.

If there is something that you can improve, think of ways that can help you improve them. Write them down. The list that you will write them is the final, resolutions list. Those ways are your resolutions.

Now you know what needs to stay the same in your life and what needs to improve. You also know what the most enjoyable things in your life are and what things you like to change. Choose 3 highly rated, let’s call them “stains” that you want to change ( clean ) from the list of the things that you don’t like. Make sure they are not conflicting to the highly rated things you enjoy.

Choose a couple of ways that can “clean those stains” from your life. Those ways are in fact your resolutions. Choose 3 resolutions, one for each stain, that benefit you the most and write them on the resolutions list.

If you can, do another stain from your list but have in mind that too many resolutions may overfill your lifestyle and you’ll end up with nothing, the same old you. Balance your list and know your limit.

When you finish the resolutions list it is wise to make copies and put them where you think you’ll need them to remind you the most. Remember that those resolutions are in fact your rules that you’ll live by, so until they become your habit you will need to remind yourself once in a while.

Now you understand what resolutions are and how to choose them. But, you don’t know how to apply them yet. You know what to do, but you don’t know how. I’ll tell you how to apply them next.