New Year Resolutions And How To Get Ready?



How to Organize Your New Year?

Let me first explain what the difference between resolution and goal is. Resolution is something that you live by, goal is something that you work for. Resolutions are the rules on the road, goals are the destinations you will drive to.

According to your resolutions you need to know where you want to be in 1 year. Think realistically, don’t make your goal a fantasy. After you know your goal, not rule like your resolutions, but goal, like earning 10% more than you do, you need to set 5 checkpoints.

The first checkpoint should be earning 2% more, the second should be 4%, and so on till you reach 10%. One year has 12 months or 365/366 days. Divide 5 groups of months, or if you want to be more trough, of days and arrange your checkpoints.

You can do this with everything you want, the frame of your year is 12 months. Whatever “picture you will paint” will be “painted” in those 12 months.

So when you arrange your checkpoints you need to know the steps which will get you there. This is your personal strategy on reaching your goals and only you can decide what strategy suits you better. Imply that strategy in the time limit of your checkpoint and start “walking” towards it.