What is a thought ?


Before we can begin to answer this mind busting question, we need to understand once and for all what is the difference between The Brain and The Mind.

I have mentioned in the article about The Mental Being that if the brain was the hardware of our mental being, than the mind was the software. What this means is that in order for both of them to work they need each other.

The brain is created by neurons and the information is transmitted through them, so the mind would be the way in which the information is created and the rules that it travels by. Let me explain a little more clearly.


Imagine a computer and a program, let’s say a game. In order for the game to be played you’ll need a particular hardware like a keyboard. In order for the software to be used you need a hardware.

The program of the game is your mind, all of the rules that create the game are in the game’s structural code, like if you push left on the keyboard the character should go left.

The hardware is your brain. If the code of your mind is created so that when you see a spider you’ll feel scared, than the information travels through the brain by that set of neurons because that’s “the code of your game”.


If you want to change “the rules of the game” you need to re-program the mind, not the brain. If the mind is re-programed than the brain will “play by the new rules that he created”. That’s the brilliance of the Mental being, the interaction between the brain and the mind.

You can change the mind by harnessing the brain too, but if the structural code is so deep in your mind that it hides in your spirit, than whatever you do to your brain, the structural code will stay unchanged, and sooner or later the mind and brain will “get back to playing the old game”.

We know know that in order for “the game to be played” you need both your brain and your mind. They transmit information between each other. But wait a minute, what is information? How is a thought created?


The problem is that we are too close to the answer we cannot see “the whole picture”. We need to step back. Learn about what we are, we are humans made of the 4 pillars, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical.

This question we ask ourselves is actually the answer itself. It’s like eating an icecream just so we can understand what eating an icecream is. It’s thinking about thinking. We create a thought  to understand how a thought is created.


If you’ve read my articles about What is SEMP you understand that information is not created, it exists in the energy itself and it’s just re-shaped by us, by our filters. The information constantly flows through everything just as the energy.

We are just receivers of the information, we don’t create it, we re-shape the information based on “the rules of our game”.

Mind PointsTHE CODE

<A thought is the re-shaped information we send, based on the information we have received>